Friday, September 6, 2013

Up to my elbows in frosting...

literally, we are about to fall into a deep sugar coma within the next day or so. Life has been so crazy the past couple of months....I feel like I keep pluggin away, and am excited that soon, very soon I will be able to sit and take a couple deep breaths. During my next breathing session I plan on doing some thoughtful reminiscing of this past year.

Can you believe that this little stinker will be one?

I miss his old man wrinkles like crazy, but I am pretty sweet on his big boy face and it gets lots of kisses to prove it.

I read once somewhere that babies who are kissed often tend to be smarter and do better in school when they are older. If that's the case, then I have two future Einsteins on my hands.

These cheeks get kissed All.The.Time. And that forehead, and that nose, those hands, and the little piggy toes.

I never thought it possible that I could love another as much as I loved my firstborn, but God does amazing things when he knits a baby together for your family. He expands your love in a way only He can do. It's a crazy crazy...willing to die kind of love.

Bennett boy, you can be difficult and trying but your sweetness and snuggles make all that fade into the background. You are a charmer, you are willful, your a ticking time-bomb. And I love the feisty-ness that you bring to the table. You will be the one that launches yourself over the upstairs balcony, you will be the one who I'm sure will will debate and expect to win no matter what, you will also be the one who see's one in need and will fight to help them. You already touch those around you and tug at heart's when it is needed most.

You bless me daily.

You make me smile daily.

You kill me with your sharp blue eyes...daily.

You wear your emotions on your sleeve....or on your face, always.

You don't take no for an answer easily.

And you adore brother and daddy endlessly.

You laugh easily and scream even easier.

You make me giggle, you make me crazy.

You help stretch and grow me daily.

I find myself striving to be a better mom, a better wife, a better follower of Christ because of you (and your brother).

I love you more than words can describe, from the deepest depth known to man. (and your brother too!)

I pray that God will continue to give me clear guidance and direction as I learn how to be your mama.

I love you so much my sweet little boy. I can't wait to celebrate you and your life in the nexy couple of days.

Happy early birthday my dear little one.

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