Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I love being a mom, I mean really LOVE it.

You never know what each day will bring, but you can always bet on the fact that whether good or bad someone will do or say something that will bring a smile to your face.

And that is especially true now that one of my boys is actually talking. Have I ever mentioned how much I love listening to Cole talk? It has got to be the cutest thing ever.

He doesn't say his S's, they are all D's, R's are W's, and F's are P' just imagine the cuteness in all that.

I'm thinking I'm going to have to keep a running log of all the funny things he says. It is beyond wonderful to finally get a peak into that sweet little head of his. One thing I have learned is that those wheels are constantly turning, constantly spinning in there. I get a lot of "what dat's?" and "mama whook!"

A LOT of "more milk pease", ALL.DAY.LONG. He could easily guzzle a gallon a day if I gave in to all of his requests for more milk.

If asked how many of something there are he will always count with his fingers to tell you the answer. For example, we saw horses and cows while in Black Butte over the weekend. I asked him about the horses, and he held up his fingers and said, "I daw one, do, bee, bour, bipe.....BIPE horses" He is usually pretty accurate when counting this way....Bipe may just be my new favorite nubber. :)

He is starting to name things. We recently ordered some caterpillars to learn about them and watch them turn into butterflies. Last night he named the biggest caterpillar.  I would like to introduce to you, Talkie-Talkie the batterbiller (other wise known as walkie talkie). :)

We sing lots of songs around here, but currently his favorites include, "The Iddy Biddy Bider", "Winkle, Winkle Widdle Dar", and "Happy Birday Do". The rest of the songs are just as precious as the titles.

If he smells anything funny or not-so-pleasant he immediately will wrinkle up his nose and say "Pee-uuu......dadda, peeee-uuuu!" Sorry honey, apparently you are stinky. 

The other day he wore socks for the first time since Spring. All of a sudden I heard him saying, "Ooooooh Nooooo, my dock id boke (my sock is broke).  He sounded so upset, I went over to see what the problem was. Turns out he had a little bitty hole in his sock. Yep, definitely broke.

His word for sick only rhymes with it....I will let you figure that one out.

Just this morning I was eating a Reese's (yes, for breakfast....don't judge.) I left a half eaten one on the counter. Later, I noticed Cole had pulled a chair up next to the counter and was quickly (and happily) stuffing his face super fast. I went over and asked what he was eating, he wouldn't open his mouth. After he swallowed, I said what did you eat? He goes, " It good mama, raisis nummy." I could only respond with, "yes, Reese's are very good...."

This last has got to be my all time favorite. A couple weeks ago my mom and I took the boys into Ulta to get some makeup. Upon walking in we gott blasted with smelly perfume.  Immediately Cole stopped, took in one very deep, very long breath. Then loudly proclaimed, "Mmmmmm, I WIKE dis pace!" He then proceeded to touch every single sample, and would run over to me with the brightest lipsticks saying, "mama I wike dis one!" I'm still thoroughly impressed that we made it out without a little boy covered from head to toe in brightly painted makeup.

He is precious, I love his voice, I love his thoughts.

He loves to repeat words, he loves to orchestrate what his brother should be doing, and he now calls "bay-bay" "Ben-NET".

These are the moments I dreamed of, listening to my little boy jabber-jabber about everything.

Never gets old. Never, not even a widdle bit. ;)

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