Monday, September 9, 2013

A Happy Birthday Indeed

Finally, a chance to sit down and wish my sweet babe a wonderfully Happy Birthday!

My baby, I promise that we will celebrate your birthday sooner or later. Because punkin, we have a LOT to celebrate.

We had a big bump on your party day, a bump that I wish I could undo. But what happened on Saturday has given me a fresh perspective that I cannot ever, not for a moment take my time with my boys for granted. Ever.

I am so glad that you came into my world a year gave me one heck of a pregnancy, and seem to be doing the same as you grow into a little boy. Stop scaring me so much!

You are my sunshine, my bright place, my littlest love.

You are a fighter, a trooper, a tough have bruises to prove it. You think yourself bigger and stronger than reality.

I didn't think possible to love another as much as your brother...but you took me and my heart by surprise.

I love you my sweet, sweet baby boy....I can't believe you are now one. I try my hardest to savor every stage, but you always seem to want to be one step ahead, please slow down.

I find myself with tears down my cheeks if I for one moment allow my heart to ponder the 'what ifs' I can't let it go there, it rips my heart to pieces.

So my baby, I am beyond thankful that God has allowed me more time to soak in your sweetness. to kiss those cheeks, to peer in your eyes, to revel in your everyday endeavors.

Praise God you are on the mend, that you are sleeping better, that you are you.

I hope you grow up knowing the depth of my love, I hope that when you are pushing for independence and figuring out your own path, that you will always, always know that I am right there beside you. I will be rooting for you, for the best, all the time, forever....and ever.

I love you my big one-year-old-boy. I thank God a million times a day for you, for protecting you, for keeping you in my arms.

May this next year bring many new adventures, many new growths, and many more loves and hugs.

I love you, I love you, I love you.

Hopefully we can finish the party that was started. To celebrate. You.

You have my heart, always.

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