Monday, October 21, 2013

3 years

If you were to tell me I was dreaming, I might believe you.

3 years.

3 whole, very short years. Poof here we are.

I knew my life would change, people told me all the ways it would, they tried to prepare me.

So I prepared myself for the sleepless nights, for the possibility of postpartum depression, for the explosive diapers, for the midnight feedings, 5 am mornings, making baby food, breastfeeding, binkies, and baby toys bigger than Mt Hood.

I prepared myself for it all.

Well, except for one thing. I didn't prepare myself for the immense love that over came my heart that day. I mean, I knew I would love him, I knew he would be an incredible treasure that I would get to hold, kiss, and grow with.

But that love.

Indescribable. Really, it is.

And it has only grown, as hard as that is to imagine.

He is such a big boy now, talking all the time. Saying the cutest things. I see more of his heart now through his words, and it is so special. Makes this mama so happy...

At church yesterday someone excitedly exclaimed that it was almost his birthday. When asked how old he was going to be he thought for a moment, then said,

"Party hats, cake, and presents."

He couldn't care less that he is turning 3, just as long as party hats are involved.

So I made sure this morning upon waking up there was a bright sparkly party hat.

And cake.

The presents will be coming sweet boy.

Happy birthday my big boy.

Thanks for being absolutely perfect for our family. Thanks for going easy on me during what the world describes as "terrible two's". They definitely were not terrible, but wonderful. We had our moments for sure....oh goodness, we had them. But i could not be prouder to watch you grow and mature through them. As always, you surpassed all expectations.

I'm so thankful for you, for the big brother you are, for the loving cousin you have become. You can be ornery for sure, but I have yet to meet a little boy that isn't. 

You have delighted us for 3 years, and I can only imagine how much more you will delight us as you grow up into the young man God intended. May He be the light that guides your path.

So thank you to all who prepared me for the worst, God prepared me for the best.

Three years of the best. Still in shock.

Love you little dude to eternity and beyond.

Yes, you are special. Special indeed. ;)

Happy 3rd birthday sweet boy!

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  1. Happy birthday, Cole!! Enjoy all the party hats, cake and presents! :)