Monday, October 7, 2013

They make me smile.

Every day I find myself chuckling with or at my boys. I can only imagine how much more we will all be laughing once Bennett starts making sense out of his words. He says Dadda, Mama, and something that sounds like a very crisp "WhaaaaTTT!" He will roar like a lion, and says a lot of "Dah's" and "Duh's" and points....he loves to point, at everything! He is still working on his walking, and is getting more adventurous in letting go and walking to me. And he has a growing love of turning on and off lights, and playing in his brother's potty. (Although we try and avoid the last as much as possible, but sometimes I forget...and he is too quick!).

He is such a charismatic little dude, and I know I have said this lots, but he truly wears his emotions all over his face. You can pretty much read his thoughts.

Such as this....

"WHHHHAAAATTTTT?!?! I can't eat out of your dust pile that you swept up?!?!"

"But YOU said I could help!!!!!"

"AAAAAHHHH, I give up, soooo frustrating!!!!"

See what I mean? All over his face. And so was some of the dust out of my pile that he decided to go ahead and help himself to anyway.

Oh well, you do what you can....and in the end if they really want to eat hairy cheerios, why deprive?

Then there is Cole. His vocabulary is growing by the words daily. Some of the cutest things come out of his mouth. 

The other day I was going to the bathroom (sorry, but this one is waaaayyy too funny not to share!) Cole came running into the bathroom after me and started cheering me on. Upon me finishing he squeezed on over next to the toilet paper, ripped off a big wad and then turned to me and said,

"Ok mama, touch your toes!"

Um, thanks sweetheart but mama's got this one handled......

I have also been trying to talk to Cole more and more about Jesus. We have conversations like, "Cole it makes Jesus sad when you kick your little brother." or "Cole, that makes Jesus very happy when you share with your little brother." 

After one of our conversations, Cole turned to me with a big smile and said, "I WIKE Desus!" When asked why he wikes Desus, he responded with...... "Trains, cookies, balls, treats and dories (stories)....." 


And I wike that you can vocalize that sweet boy. Not quite sure you know the full impact that statement will have one day, but praying with time you will accept the gift of love and grace God has freely given you. 

And may you continue to appreciate all the gifts God has given you to enjoy each day, whether they be "cookies, treats, trains" or the "beebug" you find hiding under the rock.

And may your "wike" for "Desus" grow into a full-fledged-heart-abandoned kind of love for Him. Nothing would bring me more joy than to see you, my son, flourish and grow in an independent love of our God on your own will.

And same for you my other little man.

I pray you too, "wike Desus". Perhaps your older brother can help lead you into that love.

That would be joyous.

Yes, they make me smile, my heart smile.... sooooo much.

I am just loving this stage that we are in. I feel like we have finally reached place where life is getting easier, more predictable, and so much more fun and entertaining (as hard as that is to imagine, it was very fun before!). 

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