Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Grin and bear it

This little stinker has been giving me a run for my money lately.

In his defense, he is battling it out with his gums and teeth. Both his eye teeth are bulging and threatening to poke through any second. And I have a hunch that some molars are planning the same escape route as well. Poor little buddy.

Notice the unsnapped choose your battles, that was one I was bound to lose....

He has been miserable.....MIS-ER-ABLE.

I had to hold him through his nap again yesterday...and my hubby wonders why I always beg for a massage at the end of the day. Although, I have to say that there is something incredibly sweet and serene staring at that little sleeping face. Reminds me of all the milk coma's and sack-of-potato baby snuggles that I miss so dearly sometimes.

Then he woke up, and I spent the remainder of the day trying to convince that oh-so-sweet baby that the world in fact was not over just because I wouldn't stand at the light switch letting him turn it on and off over and over...and over again.

I was able to side track him for about two minutes....

before the attitude started creeping out again.

Then there were more tears, more rolling around screaming, more overly-dramatic head whips...

And Kyle wasn't even close to being home.

When all else fails, when those blasted teeth cause this much grief, the only thing I could think of doing was dance.

So we cranked up some Christian rock on Pandora (mama needed her soul soothed ALOT by this point) And with baby on my hip and three year old at my feet we danced our little hearts out. We may have sang a little too loudly and a little too out of tune....

But there were smiles, there was a one year old attempt at singing, big brother showing off his moves (thankfully he has forgotten his fascination with ballet that he had ALL LAST WEEK!) and this mama's heart soaked in the moment and was refreshed.

Precious success.

And when the waterworks returned later, I found that a pull-up on the head was a simple solution.

I mean, why not? 

Here's to hoping those toothers start showing themselves, so my little bud can get back to enjoying life again. But if not, I have a whole drawer full of pull-ups :)


  1. How can one possibly talk about pull-ups on heads, teething, and growing out of a 'ballerina' phase so eloquently? I don't know but you managed. I feel your pain, I really do. :) That's what I love blogging; it helps us smile through the chaos. Hang in there, friend.

    1. Oh Anna, you are way too sweet. And yep, smile through the chaos.....keep swimmin. Keep. Swimming. ;)