Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

This past weekend became the weekend of pumpkin patching. We had previously planned our annual Nana and Papa pumpkin patch that they put on for the kids each year. But when Saturday rolled around, we had two little boys who simultaneously decided they didn't need naps...even though their grouchiness proved otherwise. We were desperate, and the only solution was to drive somewhere so that they would both pass out in the car.

So we drove to Sauvie Island, because it's a relatively longer drive than the more local ones here. And when our plan worked, we just continued to drive, soak in the beautiful scenery, and chat in the quiet of the car.

Unfortunately our plan wasn't seamless, Bennett seemed to want to hang on to his grouch bug awhile longer.

And that was the look and the reaction I got whenever I tried to get a picture of him. Cole seemed to be in a better mood....for awhile, and then had a meltdown and full on tantrum while getting a treat ( I had ordered a peanut covered caramel apple....and he preferred the M&M covered one) there was noooooooo way, I was going to load him up on that much sugar and chocolate, just wasn't going to happen. And he was NOT happy about it. So Kyle drug him out of line for a cool down, and I was half tempted to just chuck the dang apple, toss both boys back in the car and head home. Buuuuut, two little boys seemed to pull it together, yet again, last minute. So shared some of that ooey gooey goodness, and both boys had a sticky mess dripping down their chins.

Bennett still would not cooperate with the camera, and Cole tried his best.

That was about the extent of his excitement for being there.

He did finally decide it would be fun to stick his head through the sign after watching Cole (please forgive the totally over exposed picture).

We were cheapos and grabbed a free wagon, wheeled them around, took the free hay ride, stayed on and didn't get off to pick out pumpkins (we knew we would get free ones, and better ones the next day at Nana and Papa's)

Again, thanks for cooperating Mr B.

Yep, his experience in a nutshell of an expression....plastered all over his face. But at least it got us out of the house, kept us some what sane from what could have been a completely disastrous. napless afternoon.

Then on Sunday we gathered up the troops again, and headed to my Grandma's house where my parents grew their pumpkin patch. They always make it so much fun. My dad opens up his big storage area, they set up tables and chairs, serve us soup, donuts, coffee and then take the kiddos on endless hay rides around the property.

And guess who was old enough to actually steer the tractor? (with Papa's help of course)

He loved it. And felt all big boy and cool. I mean, just look at that face! Then of course little one had to claim his turn, and wasted no time shouting out orders.....

Always letting us know who is in charge. He reluctantly gave up sole authority for a few brief moments. But then may have tried to reclaim it by using his head as a pushing mechanism on his brother..... always being resourceful of his assets.

We managed to get a couple cute shots of both boys prior to heading out to search for the perfect pumpkin.

And I just have to make a note of Bennett's flannel.....

Um, yah...... so my little Bennett is still rocking clothes Cole wore at half his age. I just thought it was kind of funny and cute that they both wore the same shirt while hunting down pumpkins.

Cole was first to find and claim his pumpkin.

And then typical little brother had to go and pick the exact same pumpkin. Thankfully we found one that looked almost identical and the situation was avoided.

Again, notice the avoidance of the camera....why I even try.....

At least Cole gave this mama some love.

Gosh, I love my two completely opposite boys.

We even attempted to try and capture all of the cousins on my side, together, in one picture.....all i can say is, it could have been worse.

Oh well, you take what you can get when you have that many little rascals in one picture. Afterwards we let the kids run with Papa down the field to dig for potatoes. Someone always ended up trailing behind....

Actually, for the first part of potato digging he seemed to be a bit hesitant, and kind of hung back...doing his own thing...checking in from the distance.

I was laughing while looking through pictures, because you can literally see him gradually making his way closer and closer to the action. Until finally he dug in, and got his hands dirty looking for potatoes.

And then he stood there holding onto the same little potato....

Such a funny boy. Always his own agenda. Always the observer first, and then the doer.

And always true to himself and what he is feeling in the moment. All of this completely evident while looking for pumpkins and potatoes.

And why not. It's what makes days like these so special, little glimpses into their little hearts, the things that make them tick. I want to forever remember all the moments, especially ones made surrounded by so much family.

How thankful I am for this time of Harvest, and this time of growth. This time to be with those that are so dear to me and my boys.

We are blessed, so very blessed.

All five of us.

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