Thursday, August 4, 2011

On your mark, get set, GO!

My life has definitely been busy, and it just got busier.  My little man is a crawling machine! He has actually been crawling for a little over a week now, and I just now realized I never once mentioned it. Shame on me. 

Here is some proof!
This picture always makes me laugh as it looks like he is getting his motor going....
And he's off!
I just love watching him crawl around, I feel like I waited FOREVER for this stage! However, I am often reminded how easy I had it for 9 months....I could just plop him in the middle of the room with a toy and he would just sit there and play, always a happy little camper. And then came transition time.....

And with that transition came more night time wakings, nap time battling because some little turkey wanted to practice his crawling moves in his crib! I would often find him wedged up in the corner or scurrying around trying to get the whole arm and leg movement figured out.  Then one morning as if everything just "clicked" he looked at me from across the room and made a beeline towards me. It was the cutest thing ever! He was on a mission to mama, and I gladly gave him a congratulatory  happy dance.

Oh, and did I mention he also got his first tooth? 
AND he learned how to go from crawling to sitting to crawling!
 AND he now waves.....

So this also meant that we had a lot of sleep interruptions, as I tried to soothe those sore little gums, reassure him that he wasn't "stuck" in the sitting position (yes, he would sit himself up in the middle of the night and then ball his little eyes out until I either picked him up or helped lie back down again).  It's like his body all of a sudden kicked everything into high gear.  

And I couldn't be any more proud and any more in love.
And yes, he has learned a new trick, he sticks his chubby little fingers out and gives me dainty little princess wave whenever I say "hi".  He's all boy except for that wave!  We will work on a more manly wave next month, but for now I will take it because it's just so gosh darn cute!

It's official, I'm completely smitten..... princess wave and all.

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