Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tripping Over Boxes

Just a little update on our lives thus far.....everywhere I look there are boxes, piles, papers, things that need to be packed, things that need to be tossed.  If you don't get the picture to say our world is a little chaotic would be an understatement. Moving just is plain not fun nor is the packing that goes along with it.

Ok, fine, I will admit....I'm a horrible packer! I'm sure my husband is off somewhere ferociously nodding his head in agreement.

I start packing...I get overwhelmed, and I stop. Or I start packing....get distracted, and I stop.  Moving has always been hard for me, it makes me want to just get rid of everything rather than pack it all up.  My husband on the other hand is an excellent packer( he gets it from his dad I hear) he likes to get each box filled just perfectly.... all the games have to fit together like a puzzle with no empty space left unaccounted for.  Give me a box and I will most likely dump a wad of clothes in it and call it good.  I guess either way.... right or wrong the job is bound to get done.

It's crazy to think that in exactly one week we will be loading up our Uhaul and making the trek over to Idaho.  I am excited to see what this year has in store for us, but I am also a ball of mixed emotions as I think of leaving our families behind. It has been pretty clear that this is definitely the next step for us as we have already seen God work throughout the preparation stage.  He pretty much handed us over the most perfect place to call home for this next year. It has way more space than we had imagined, a great neighborhood, and a big backyard for my growing boy! And better yet, it will come mostly furnished....which means we don't have to pack up every single thing in our home *sigh of relief*. Granted it may have some sunflower curtains and a whole room decked out in ducks...but who am I to be picky?

This will probably be my last post before we move as I need to focus on filling more boxes while the little pip-squeak is sleeping.  Here's to a new adventure and learning how to lean not only on God but also on each other as we step into the unknown.  I'm praying God will use us and teach us many new things as a family of 3.

And even as we are tripping over boxes and piles I can't help but think how lucky we are to have this opportunity and to have each other.

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