Monday, February 13, 2012

Bb is for Baby has been way way too long since I have gotten my typing hands into gear.  It's not that I have had nothing to blog about...actually it was more like I had a ton I wanted to let out but had to wait. For those that know me, waiting is not my friend. I'm not a patient waiter. Not even a little. So here you go, this is what I so wanted to scream and yell from the the mountain tops....

We are expecting baby #2 this coming September!!!! We are still jumping up and down with least I am when I don't feel like running to the nearest toilet. I decided it was best for me to stay away from blogging for a week or two until we had our first appointment and shared the news with family and friends.  I promise you the plan was only for a couple of weeks.....and then the dreaded "morning sickness" or in my case "all day sickness" hit me with a vengeance.  While I have been able to keep everything down, I find that I am more green that I was with Cole. And even worse was the food aversions. In all honesty I had a hard time even coming to my blog because of the last soup recipe I had posted.....I shouldn't even be mentioning it because it is making my stomach turn as we speak. I lived off of all things white and plain. And didn't pick up a pan for at least a week. Poor hubby.

So I took a break. I napped when baby napped. 
And slowly started adding spice back into my life.

Then I planned a baby shower, that was to be held in a different state....that I couldn't get my preggo brain wrapped around. But it was for my dear sister....who has been waiting for this baby for the past 6 years. I wasn't about to poop out on the celebration now. Thanks to my wonderful mom, she brought her amazing talent to help me pull it off. And boy was it tough to pull off.....I will share the details later. Let me just say that the day of the shower everything that could possibly go wrong....did. But again that will be saved for tomorrow (if I can get my act together two days in a row) I can't wait to share all of the pretty little details of the Bb is for Baby Shower. For now, I need a nap and to get ready for my next baby appointment this afternoon! Yay!


  1. Caley! I kept meaning to comment on your facebook picture and kept forgetting, so I figured why not do it here :) Congratulations!!! How exciting. And the pictures of the shower you threw for your sister were adorable! Once you post them here I'm going to have to Pin it :) I was reading the other day that studies have shown that girls cause worse and earlier morning sickness... here's hoping!

  2. Thanks so much Jill! So far everyone thinks I am having a girl, even the doctors. I would love a little girl but would honestly be elated with either. How have you been feeling?