Saturday, October 13, 2012

It's been nearly 5 weeks and life has brought so many unpredicted changes, it has been hard to grasp the awesomeness of God's provisions once again. We just moved back to our old home on a whim ( after debating over and over whether or not to sell or put it up for rent again), then all in a matter of mere days Kyle was sought out, interviewed, and offered an amazing job that he hadn't even applied for ( can you say praise the Lord??!!!) Then lets not forget that I have been trying to keep up with two little ones.....not always the easiest of tasks, but nothing I would change for the world.

So what are these two little munchkins up to these days?

Bennett is such a little doll, seriously I can't stop staring as his perfectly formed lips, his shiny bright eyes, and kissable cheeks. He is beyond perfect for our family and I cannot wait to see how his personality blossoms as he grows older.

He started giving me the most addicting smiles around 3 1/2 weeks, and lately they have become a lot more frequent and responsive, especially when I hold my face close to his and talk in a higher pitched voice, he will lock eyes with me, let out some coos, his eyes get big and light up...and then his little lips turn up into one giant, open mouthed smile! Seriously it's amazing every single time.

I know how everyone always says that all newborn do is sleep.....well, I am here to say, that is one big lie! Ha ha. Bennett is one of the most alert babies I have ever been around. He likes to soak everything around him in, almost as if he doesn't want to miss out on a moment of his new life. makes it a little difficult to get anything done, such as, moving and unpacking!  Thankfully he does pretty well at night and gives us 3-4 hours stretches of sleep (most of the time). However, he has always had a thing for 4 am, and we seem to have the hardest time getting him back down after his feeding. Now that I think about it, 4 am was always his party time in my tummy too...hmmm, coincidence?

He has taken up nursing quite well, and has greatly improved the last couple of weeks. I used to call him my lazy eater.... as soon as my milk would let down he would pull off, open his mouth and just let the milk flow in freely without any effort on his part. Or he would try and lap it up like a hamster....which usually resulted him getting milk up the nose, in his eyes, all down his face, and me being covered in milk down to my legs...very attractive, and very uncomfortable.Thankfully he is learning how to stay latched on better and dealing with the flow of my milk. I try my best to tank him up on milk during the day so he will eat less at night, which means he eats about every 1 1/2 -2 hours during the day and then every 3-4 at night. Cole liked that night schedule well into his 9th month, so I don't plan on getting uninterrupted sleep for quite some time. :)

Speaking of nighttime, Benny-boy loves to be swaddled at night, and sleeps in his bouncer next to our bed..... and does not let us forget for a moment that he is indeed still there. He is the NOISIEST sleeper EVER! I have never heard a baby grunt louder, breathe heavier and make crazy throat noises as our little Bennett. It's quite impressive to say the least, but can make for some hard times falling asleep.

My little boy is a snuggle bug, he loves to be held, so much that I am pretty sure I have developed carpal tunnel in my left wrist and will have a permanent knot in my upper left shoulder until he starts to crawl. But having a content, happy baby in my arms makes both well worth it. He also has decided that he has a preference to how we hold him....gone are the over-the-shoulder days, and welcome to the legs-smooshed-up-against-my-tummy-and-head-held-straight-out-in-my-hands days. He likes me to hold him like that and then bounce him up and down, this is how we calm him, and how he most often falls asleep. And let's nor forget about that adorable smile that gets plastered on his face as he falls asleep... ah, priceless.

I am one smitten mama...

How could you not be, with a face and smile like that? I still can't believe that in a little over a week Cole will be 2!!! He has proven over and over to be the best big brother, he gets concerned when Bennett cries, he is interested when Bennett eats, and is constantly wanting to help cover him with blankets, stuff binkeys in his mouth, feed him know, snacks! (No worries, I keep close supervision and do not let any of Cole's food particles actually find their way into Bennett's mouth)

Cole is still my precious little man, he is me lots of hugs, has a stubborn streak in which he likes to push boundaries, and has a personality that makes you want to pick him up and squeeze his cheeks!

He still is not talking much, and as of now none of his pediatricians have been worried as he communicates in many other ways. He has is own language which I, for the most part can figure out what he is wanting, needing and trying to tell me. Sometimes it gets frustrating and I wish he would start talking already and make all our lives a bit easier. As with everything he has his own personal timeline and I'm sure he will start talking in full sentences when he chooses too.

But let me tell you, for someone who doesn't actually "talk" he has no problem instructing and conducting others. He can get a whole room of people jumping or doing somersaults if he wants them too. It's pretty hard to resist the request of someone with eyes as big and blue as his. :)

Lately, he has really been into cars and making them drive all over the place. We often have car races up and down our kitchen hallway.....half the time he tries to be lazy and get me to do all the chasing after the cars....again, his instructing tactics at their best. He has also gotten braver and at a recent trip to the park he decided he wanted to go down the really tall slide..nearly gave me a heart attack, but thankfully he unwillingly went down with his daddy instead.

My favorite thing that he does is reach out for my hand constantly, it melts me. I just love the feel of his sweaty little palms tucked in mine, and how it is his way of telling me that he wants me to come with him. He is a sweet boy, one whom I love endlessly.

As for me, I feel like a frazzled mama. The other day I had been trying to get myself ready for like 3 hours, and finally looked at Kyle, tossed my hands in the air and said, "how am I ever going to be able to get myself ready ever again?" Especially with him starting work this coming Monday, and me running solo. I suppose as with any newborn it takes awhile to get into a rhythm. I just may be sporting 3 day old hair, and the same outfit for a weeks until we all find our groove. Such is life, at least I will be spending the majority of my days with two adorable boys who could care less if I have mascara on or sweats for the umpteenth time.

And thank goodness for that. :) 

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