Tuesday, December 11, 2012

3 months to a lifetime

Bennett Lee you have managed to wrap me completely around your little finger, just like your brother. I love you beyond words and can't fathom not having you in my life.

You are a delight! A joy! And bring a sweet energy to this family.

You are such a generous smile giver, all I have to do is look at you and say "hiiiiii". You respond with cheeky grins.

You have already proven your strength by rolling over, again and again.

You are an amazing sleeper, and took mama by surprise when you started consistently sleeping 6-8 hours right before turning 2 months old!

You love your binky.....your brother would have nothing to do with one, until now. He now likes to steal yours and walk around with it in his mouth. Perhaps you are a trendsetter....

You LOVE to talk to me, we often sit face to face and have some deep heart-to-hearts. I hope this never changes as you grow older.

You are super gassy.....All.The.Time. Let's hope this does change as you grow older.

You still enjoy bath time, but coming out of the bath is a whole other story. And let's not forget about lotion time, you often share your disapproval quite heartily.

You give me about one poopy diaper per week...thank you sweet boy.

If you are fussy all I have to do is hold you facing out to the world, I don't think you want to miss a moment of what is going on around you!

You love patty-cake.

I still can't get you to take naps in your bassinet, you much prefer your bouncer.

Your new favorite game is staring and laughing at your reflection in the mirror.

You are a good sport when it comes to dealing with big brother Cole. You put up with his smothering kisses, and endless pats on your head, you even kind of act like you enjoy it when he drops trains and toys in your lap.

However, you still are not a big fan of tummy time....we try.

You like to stand and dance in my lap.

You are still in 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers, your clothes finally look like they fit you now.

You can light up a room with your joy.

I still can't believe you are a quarter of the way to being one! when i think of how fast the past three months have flown by, I know 16 is right around the bend.

You are so loved and adored, you have no idea. Your daddy and I stand in awe of you and who you are daily. My prayer is that you will never go a day without feeling our intense love, but more so, that you will never go a day without feeling the even intenser love of God. It's hard to imagine He loves you more than I....

Oh, but He does little one. 

And He is going to guide you through this sometimes dark and confusing world. Oh how I pray that you will not lose sight and focus on Him as the world muddles and softens the lines of integrity.  May you have conviction for truth; what is right and noble. May your heart be burdened for those who need love--who need Christ. I pray you live your life with purpose and Kingdom minded.

You are 3 months old, with a lifetime (whether long or short) full of meaning and impact. And this is my time to impact you with love and grace.

May God give us both clear direction 

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