Sunday, December 2, 2012

From one soup lover to the next

The holidays are upon us with full force. On blistery days like this one I like to have something warm and toasty to help thaw my iceberg hands. This would do the trick nicely.

Photo Credit: Iowa Girl Eats
 Or this one....

Photo Credit: Tasty Kitchen from Bake Your Day

They are both amazing on their own, but throw in a  slice of  thick crusty bread for dipping and whoa!  For whatever reason am craving them both simultaneously, weird.  Perhaps it's because I'm sitting here staring at our freshly cut and decorated tree and the thought of having a nice hot bowl of soup just seems right. (Or could just be the fact that I am staring at both of the pictures and remembering how yummy they tasted in my tummy).

Oh, and did I mention they are both amazing as leftovers? Need I say more? Hope you enjoy yourself a cup BIG bowl of hot and satisfying soup to help bring warmth to your soul this holiday season.

*Update, You can find the recipes by clicking on the link under each picture.  I also added extra veggies and some addition seasoning to the Cheesy Chicken and Rice soup (Kirkland's Organic No Salt seasoning to be exact).

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