Monday, December 3, 2012

Masterpiece Theater

This is what happens when you are trying to document the day your baby turns 12 weeks, and you are too busy snapping pictures to realize what is happening in the background...

Take a close look, this should have been my first indication of what was to come....

But I kept snapping away thinking nothing of it.....

Should have thought more of it.....
This was me, "Cole, is the floor paper?" Giggle, giggle.
Hand over my mouth to hide my smile, "Cole, we do not draw on anything other than paper!" Giggle, giggle.
In my most stern voice, "Cole you are going to scrub up every last crayon mark!" Giggle, giggle.
I couldn't help myself, the irony was too funny. I should have realized all of the busy scurrying around in the background would lead up to no good.

But the look on Cole's proud face was priceless.

Let's face it, the floor must have seemed like the perfect blank canvas for such a masterpiece. So I gave him a towel and told him to "scrub, scrub, scrub."

Then I noticed blue streaks all down the hallway....I have never been more thankful for washable crayons as I was last night!

AND I did manage to catch a couple cute photos of the littlest man, still can't believe he is almost 3 months! He is starting to look all grown up in his big boy clothes...

He is all kinds of preciousness.

And so is his brother, blue crayons and all.

Did I mention that he also went poo-pooey on the big boy toilet last night....courtesy of his daddy, apparently a natural born coach! Looks like operation potty training may begin real soon, as in yesterday.

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