Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Another drive by

Cole is such a sweet boy with a huge heart who loves to help.

This morning he fished out his prized raisins and offered them to me, basically offered me gold.

Big Heart.

Yesterday if I put Bennett down for tummy time, Cole was right beside him.  When Bennett dropped his binky, Cole was on it. While Bennett sat in his Bumbo, Cole scooted his potty chair next to him and sat with him.....often reaching over to pat his head, or give him kisses.

So much Sweet.

He also helped me empty the dishwasher, like he usually does. He takes care of the silverware and all of his plastic plates and bowls.

Big help.......

Someone got sidetracked.

And someone was hit by another big brother drive by.

Poor Bennett. 

I tend to say that a lot. But truth be told, I think he actually likes it....

Yes, we have trying moments when 2-year-old tempers flare, trains fly through the air, and new found independence brings early morning wake up calls. But most nights when I think back on the day, those moments tend to fall into the shadows of this.

He is sweet. He is kind. He is helpful.

 I love him.

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