Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The one

God knows me best, but Kyle knows me second best.

 It's fun and exciting when I think back of all the ways God prepared me for my life. I am reminded of the incredible love story He plays out for me pretty much daily. He knit together a story so perfectly fitting to my innermost desires that sometimes it doesn't seem real.

He gave me "the one" .

The one that I need. 

The one that calms my heart when it is tormented. The one who knows to hold my hand and tell me to "let go". The one who I sometimes recklessly clip with words, yet he can still look at me and tell me he "loves me".  The one with more patience than I will ever have.

He is kinder than I. 

 He is not perfect, but he strives for better.  He doesn't always meet my every need...but that is what Christ is for. He makes mistakes, I get frustrated and short tempered...but he listens and thinks...and then comes up with a game plan. He works hard so that I can be home and grow with our children. He understands when I have rough days, when the house looks like an explosion went off....

And when I feed him scrambled eggs for dinner.

He is the one I often take my frustration out on, the one that receives the brunt of my anger. The one I blame the burnt chicken on, even when he never set foot in the kitchen.....for some reason it's easier for me to point my finger than to admit that it was really my fault. And he gets that.

He understands me.

He is an amazing dad. While most men let their wives take care of the all night feedings...he doesn't. He is right there by my side, loving on his baby boy.  He doesn't get much sleep at night, but never once do I hear him complain. He is up with the sun and heads out to work with a coffee in his hand. One time he even went to the store, bought some batteries, and put fresh ones in the baby swing before leaving for work. All because I had cried in the middle of the night when I remembered that the swing had died the day before and we had no battery replacements. Bennett hadn't been feeling well, and that swing was my only saving grace. I was shocked to find the swing working that morning...but even more shocked to find out what my husband had done. He is selfless and takes care of us, even when it isn't easy and could be considered and "inconvenience".

He quietly scrubs out the bathtub when Cole decides to use it as his personal toilet...unlike his wife who makes it known to the world when she gets a really stinky, gross and repulsive diaper to change. He gets Cole ready and down for bed and than often relieves me of a crying baby afterwards, knowing that I am rugged and tired by the end of the day.

 He is invested in his children.

 We don't have a perfect fairy tale life, we have ups and downs, moments when the feeling of "love" gets drowned out by the mundane. But never have I wavered in knowing that God has given me the perfect one to live life with. All the previous heartache and pain was well worth waiting for him.

No, this is not our anniversary, not his birthday, but more like a realization that I spend so much time "oohing" and "aahing" over our two boys that sometimes I forget to give credit to the man that makes it all possible. And I simply don't let him know it as much as I should. I get so wrapped up taking care of our boys, making dinner, running errands and thinking selfishly of myself that I forget to tell him "thank you" on a daily basis. And that is the least I could do.

He is the one I love. The one I am so incredibly grateful to call mys husband.

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