Thursday, January 31, 2013

Reality Check.

That's what I got yesterday.

After a beautifully sweet morning filled with lots of hugs, loves and tender kisses. I put both boys down for their naps with visions of this dancing in my head....

My heart swelled with pride, and I quickly posted a photo to facebook because I wanted everyone to find joy in the preciousness of the love I saw.....

Queue doomsday music.

Then came the moments following nap time.....

foot stomps.
face-scrunching yells.
The sprawling of a two year old body all over the floor in bewilderment......

All because (dum-dum-duuuuuummmm....)

I said "no" to eating popcorn for lunch.

And then "no" to chocolate chips as a second choice.

At one point I had both boys screaming in my ears.  Bennett was tired and ready for his second nap. He couldn't get settled because we had a two year old following us from room to room making it clear that he was displeased with my lunch decision.

I actually stood in the middle of my kitchen and just laughed at the irony. I got my head yanked out of the clouds and into a reality check. Kids have a way of doing that. They like to keep you grounded.....I wish I could count how many times I have been humbled by the doings of my boys.  Too many, way too many.

So, we settled on a peanut butter sandwich.

Cole peeled himself off the floor and found that reading books and playing with trains was more fun than timeouts.

Bennett finally got his nap.

And I ate some chocolate chips.

The End.

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