Tuesday, February 26, 2013

28 months and so much will....

I've been spending a lot of time posting updates on our newest little dumpling that it seems I haven't been as on top of it with our biggest dumpling of all.

Cole, you are 28 months old.

You think you are a big boy, and in many ways you are. But in many ways you are also still my baby, my first baby.

You LOVE your baby brother. And he loves you, but I'm sure at times would prefer just a tad bit of space between your faces. Smothering at its finest.

You like to hug him, to kiss him, to cup his face between your hands. You laugh right in his face and he giggles.

You have decided that you don't like clothes, like, at all. Being nakey makes you happy, even if you are freezing cold.

Speaking of being nakey, you have learned how to strip out of your pajamies, I often find them in a wad on the floor and just you in your diaper. How I pray you never learn how to remove that diaper!

You have learned how to open all doors, locked or not....needless to say we have child safety locks now. However, our room does not....so you often bust your way into our room in the morning, waking up mama, dadda, and baby brother. You're my alarm clock.

You love doing puzzles, reading books, playing trains, "cooking", throwing balls, playing tag, building houses for your trains, watching veggie tales...but your most favorite thing to do is to play at the park. Lately, if I even as much as drive past a park you start pointing and saying "OOOOOHHH, OH, OH, OH!" and then when I don't stop, dismay and meltdown.

You are becoming quite strong-willed. You have mastered the selective "deaf ear syndrome". And if you disapprove of something, your will gets the better of you and tantrums prevail.

You like to sing and dance with me, you would have me singing the Veggie Tales theme song all day long if my voice could handle it. In fact, you no longer like to watch the video, but want me to keep playing the beginning song over and over and over..... Needless to say, I no longer like to talk to tomatoes, if you know what I mean....

You like to do alphabet flashcards with me, and despite your lack of talking you actually know and can say a lot of letters.

You talking is a sore subject with me, I am dying to hear you voice what is going on in your head, I want to hear cute little phrases, "I love you's", and exactly what you like and don't like. I finally scheduled your speech therapy sessions and cried during the process.  My heart aches to hear you say "mama, I love you" without being prompted.

You LOVE "hot cocoa" aka slightly warmed milk with a little ovaltine in it. It has become an after walk tradition...or so you like to think. 

I love you, have I mentioned that yet?

You are finally starting to grow, I think you were 32 inches tall and 29 pounds at your last appointment.

You are still wearing 18-24 month pants, and 2T in tops. (shorty pants)

You are not potty trained yet, but the past couple of days you have asked me to take off your diaper so you could sit on your froggy potty (which usually is used as your step stool to get into things, and has yet to be used for it's proper function.)

You still stick out your lower lip and look at me with your big blue eyes...as they well up with tears....if someone startles you, scares you, if you suddenly get shy, or you feel overwhelmed by other kids.  This happened the other day at the park, and it ripped my heart from my chest.

Cole, you are my big boy.....you had my heart first.

While you have your moments of persistent rebellion and times of fiery tempers.....they can usually be dissipated as quickly as they begin. You have left me wondering what I did wrong and then two seconds later thinking I must have done something right. I hope the love you have for your little brother never changes, it is delightful and captivating to soak in.

My dear, dear boy. I love you. I love you. I love you. I cannot say or express that enough. I hope I get many more years to take in your deep blues and sweet giggle.

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