Friday, March 8, 2013

Memory Messes

This past week is a blur, it came and went so fast. I had all of these ideas about posts, recipes, pictures, stories. But to tell you the truth I haven't found time between life and love with my boys. I have been challenging myself to spend less time on the computer and more time investing in something more meaningful.

My little men.

After all, they are practically the air I breathe. I would hate to wake up one day and regret the wasted time I spent fiddling around on the computer. Prioritizing has never been a strength of mine, so I'm taking baby steps towards bigger steps.

Case in point, my house is already a disaster, toys are strewn all over our tiny living room. But when I look around at the little messes, my heart swells up with joy. They are messes of memories.

Memories of the "cookies" we baked early this morning, railways that were built and then demolished by clumsy hands, puzzles with pieces missing...which led to a massive puzzle piece hunt, baby toys that were played with by chubby little baby fingers,  a play mat that desperately needs a good washing as it is covered in baby slobber, and of course multiple bags full of random "treasures" that my two year old would sling over his shoulder and proudly announce "bye-bye" as if he and his man purses were heading off to work.

Sweet, forever engraved in my heart, memories. And they could have been missed had I been too focused on the latest "status update" or blogging about all the accomplishments we had this past week (a little boy going potty in his big boy potty not once, but twice three times!)

....and honey, don't worry I will try and have all those memories picked up by the time you get home.


Baby steps.

And living in the memories.

These are the things I am focusing on and being more intentional about.

And here are some of the memories I have of this whirlwind of a week.

"Thumbs up" anyone?

Sorry bay-bay, you are still so cute even when mad!

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