Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Through blood shot eyes

Last night was rough, rough, rough.

I had a baby up all hours do to a gassy tummy, and then he decided that 3am was the perfect time to chat, play, and blow spit bubbles as loud as he could. That went on for TWO HOURS, if not longer.....I started to blank out after hour two. I should have just called it a night, but I tried to stick it out in hopes that I might get a few more moments of shut eye.

Meanwhile, Cole also got the 3am memo.

I found him running down the hallway crying...tucked him back in, rubbed his back, and then heard him two seconds later crying in the hallway again. This time Kyle took him back to bed and then never returned.  Come to find out he had fallen asleep next to Cole, in an itty bitty twin sized bed. Would have loved to see how his 6ft 2in frame found enough room with our little boy next to him. Such a good daddy.

We are sleep deprived. But we are happy, and joyful, and very blessed.

I can't help but stare through my blood-shot, blurry eyes and smile at the great reasons for no sleep.

Playing outside and hunting for rocks makes everything better. And so does this sweet face.

While I wouldn't complain if given a full nights rest, I also won't complain to not. Because I might miss out on something in this brief and sweet stage of life. It's about gripping my coffee cup and bucking up to the morning, even when I wonder how I can find the energy to place both feet on the ground.

And you know what? I always do.

Find enough energy that is.

Somehow, someway God always gives me just enough to make it through the long nights and short days.

And just a little more for an extra rock hunt or two.

Hope you all can find the little blessings in and amongst your Wednesday, if not, maybe go on your own rock might be surprised what you will find. :)

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