Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The 1/2 year mark, what?!

I distinctly remember right before I gave birth thinking, all of a sudden he is going to be 6 months old...and it's going to come fast, and I might cry...but right now it seems so far away.

Well, it's here and I feel as though I no more than got you out of my belly before we got to this point. It went sooooo fast.

Like, crazy fast.

So here we go, whether I want to believe it or not....you, my little Bennett man are 6 months old. You weigh exactly 15lbs, and 25 inches tall....which puts you in about the 10th percentile for both (we're making progress).

I have spent the last couple days trying to soak up ever little thing about you, your rolls, sweet lips, sparkly eyes, and fast, nubby, picker fingers.

You have mastered the art of reaching and grabbing what you want, and are super fast at it. I still chuckle whenever I think of the day you were happily sucking on your binky, along came big brother who swiped it from your lips...I could see fire brimming as you took one look at your brother and your binky, then reached over and ripped it from his grasp and popped it right back in your mouth. Where there is a will, there is a way...and you have will. You hold your ground,

I love that about you.

Even in your small age you have proven that you are no push over, you won't give up easily, and you will make yourself known.

I say go for it little one, the world needs more of you in it.

Speaking of making yourself known, you've got a good set of lungs. And if I don't hustle my buns up quick enough to get you when you wake up....you let me know your disapproval--loudly.  You also love to chat about everything, especially when you should be focused on eating.

Up until about 2 weeks ago, if I as much put you down for two seconds...watch out, major meltdown. You were literally attached to me every waking moment. I think you were frustrated. Because as soon as you figured out how to maneuver your baby body around to get what you wanted, you became your content little self once again. Now you enjoy lots of play time, whether it's on your tummy, rolling around, on your play mat, in your exersaucer....chewing your fists, basically you are learning the art of playing, and you love it! And so does my back. :)

You still don't like to sleep at night, and prefer to eat every 2-3 hours. It's strange how excited your dad and I get when you give us a 4 hour stretch. We almost always say, "wow Bennett did really good last night!" funny how your perspective of a good nights sleep changes after having a baby.

You are,  however, super easy to get down for your naps. Typically you take 2-3 hour long naps a day.

I am thinking about starting some sleep training with you, and have been relentlessly putting it off. I think it's partly because I hate to hear you cry, and partly due to the fact that you sleep about 5 feet from me. That would be torture at its worst. Plus, soon we will need to move you in with your brother (cue panic attack). That is, if we can get him to stop roaming the halls at 3 in the morning...I can only imagine how much more he would be up with you in his room distracting him.....praying we get to move before that happens. :)

You LOVE to stand. If I try to put you down to sit and that doesn't suit you at the time, you make yourself stiff as a board....how you learned that trick, I will never know. I envision you will be the toddler that uses that same tactic to avoid being put in a car seat, Lord help me.

You are growing fonder and fonder of your big brother. You smile now when he smothers you with kisses, and laugh at his silly antics. If we say simple words with a lot of excitement you resound with cackles and giggles. Needless to say we spend a lot of time acting shamefully crazy just to hear those adorable laughs.

I can't get enough.

You seemed to have sprouted over night, pants that you were swimming in about a month ago suddenly fit you perfectly. You are wearing a solid 3-6 month, and are still in size 2 diaper. And let me just say, you are getting some super cute thighs going on. I adore rolly polly baby legs....

And let's just take a moment to talk about what happens during diaper changes....you have decided that you prefer to do flips, and twists, and stretch, and pull, and arch your back so that I have to break a sweat just to get your diaper on half way decent. Always keeping things interesting.

You are a mama's boy. 

I mean that in the best way possible. Simply meaning you like me, you like my arms...and if I hand you off to someone else's.....look out. You take one good long look at whoever is holding you, then out comes that lower lip, quickly followed with wailing. Yes, we are smack dab in the middle of separation anxiety.  Secretly, I kind of like that you prefer your mama over everyone else.

You are just a precious, precious little boy with a fire cracker of a personality. I have this feeling you will be the little brother that is always trailing behind older brother, and most likely will stand a good chance at keeping up. You have that drive in you already. I look forward to watching that budding personality grow and blossom into many great things. Oh how I thank God daily for bringing you into our lives and hearts forever.

Love you sweet boy.

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  1. What a handsome little boy! Those cute little rolls sure don't look like 10th percentile! I think those charts are crazy! He is a handsome dude! =)