Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A picture says is all

I fell upon these gems while going through and deleting photos that didn't need to be saved on the computer. They made me laugh because this is pretty typical of my Bennett boy. Happy as a clam one minute, and then mad as hawks the next, followed up with Mr-Sweet-As-Can-Be.

Never a dull moment, not even for a second.

If I remember right, this was all brought on by me taking away the paper tag he was chewing on, and then decided to eat.

Apparently Sophie the giraffe wasn't a very good substitute.

And then, just like that, the storm blows over.

He's got one heck of personality on him, never wishy-washy with his feelings, and I love it.

And just because I can't help is another round, in the exact order as taken.

Mr. Time bomb at your service. Don't you just want to kiss those tear-stained cheekies?

Though these pictures don't depict it, he is truly a delight. Just a stinker. But a cute stinker at that.

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