Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Knocking like crazy on wood

Dare I even say it? 

Do I really want to jinx this?

Perhaps I should just stick to a wordless Wednesday post and soak in the goodness of the moment. 

I guess I feel with all of my whining and groaning the past couple of weeks, I need to share some positiveness.

So here it is, the moment I have been waiting for...the moment where I don't feel like I am sinking in an endless fog of sleepiness. 

He sleeps. He actually knows how to do it! 

It's crazy, I know.

We started doing a little sleep training on Saturday, he is finally learning how to soothe himself without the help of mama. He still wakes up twice to eat, but honestly that is about as long as I can go comfortably anyways. One night he gave us a 5 hours stretch and I thought I might explode...going from feeding every 1-2 hours to 5 is quite the extreme!

Turns out he really doesn't need to eat every hour to survive. 

Turns out he actually wakes up in an even better mood when he sleeps in longer stretches.

Turns out I actually enjoy waking up and seeing the morning sun.

Crazy how a couple of 3-4 hour stretches can make you feel on top of the world.....nearly nine months later.

Better late than never little Ben-ben.

Now who knows what tonight or tomorrow night will bring, perhaps this is just a tease. But a tease that was needed and will be appreciated nonetheless.

So, to all my mama friends who feel like you are walking in a forever tunnel of grogginess and desperation. 

Know this, you will survive...may not feel like it at times, but you will. Either your body will naturally learn to adapt, friends and family come to your rescue, or your blessing bundle will decide to cave and conk out. 

Thankfully mine conked. For now, that is. At least I have regained enough energy to where I feel like I can stay in a sane mindset should he regress. 

A sane mindset is where it's at. 

And just in the nick of time....did I mention that we put an offer on a  house? They accepted.

What's even crazier is that we set out to buy a new house and ended up falling in love with a 100 year old farmhouse.

Weird how that works out. We are still praying and waiting for the inspection. If there are too many issues, we will most likely walk away. 

At least now I have the energy to start packing boxes...our house is officially no longer ours, and we have just a couple more weeks left here. 

Changes are a brewin'. And so is my coffee, but today I think I can settle with just one cup and call it good. ;)

Thank you little man.

And thank you Lord. What a blessing!

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