Friday, May 31, 2013

This is what a rainy day looks like

Painting with too-long-needs-to-be-cut-bed-head-hair. (and sportin' Great Grandpa's "champion" apron.)

A lot of train track building.....surprised?

Derailment extraordinaire at your service....

Caught red-handed. (looks just a teensy bit guilty don't ya think?)

There's rain watching and wishful thinking.

Some stink eyes.

And of course some fun in the rain when dadda gets home. 

Rain doesn't deter the die hard skate boarder at heart. Good thing we got a long board, any smaller and it would be just plain too crowded!

 I think Bennett likes it!

  Cole decided he prefered to push rather than ride. Better way to burn off energy anyways.

 There may have also been some veggie tales, cuddles, and cookies somewhere smooshed between the playing and napping.

 Lots of times, lots of crying. 

A dance party/Cole's version of musical chairs, minus the chairs.

A lot of spinning ourselves's all fun and games until someone hits the wall.

boo-boo kisses.

Lots of kisses in general.

 Hot coffee, and maybe a dark chocolate piece....or two. (for sanity of course)
And that is how we deal with the rain around these parts.

Good thing I see sun on the horizon, spinning outside is less hazardous with no walls around....just sayin'.


  1. Don't you just love little train builders and baby siblings that seek to destroy it all? Reese's favorite thing to do is chew Jace's trains. Also--our favorite thing to watch these days is home video after video after video on youtube of Thomas train crashes. And then Jace tries to reenact them.

    1. It's the best! And I think I might have to check those crashes out on youtube....Cole would love it, and probably do the same. :)