Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Between the crawls and the itches...

Let's start with this.

How he musters up enough energy to push himself daily is beyond me.  Apparently this little boy requires very little sleep to function and reach milestones.

He's growing up, and quick.  Even his pediatrician said that he has lost his little baby look already, sniff.

He is busy, always busy. Always pushing, always striving to be bigger than he is. And always scooting up to where big brother is, sticking his picker fingers into whatever Cole has been meticulously working on...usually his "choo-choo's".

Bennett is great in the derailment department.

And big brother is slowly but surely speaking his mind, especially regarding his choo-choo's and the derailments!  Every day it seems his vocabulary grows a little more. It brings this heart joy to hear his sweet voice form words and opinions.

I can't even tell you how many times someone has told me, "count your blessings, as soon as he learns to talk you will reach a point where you wish he didn't."


It makes me sad to think that listening to your child talk would actually drive someone to warn a fellow mom about the hassle of kids finding their voices.  Sure, you get the whines, the endless questions, and the fits...but for someone who has been anxiously waiting for her son to talk, I will take anything I can get. I will joyfully listen to a bazillion and one questions my little boy wants to ask if it means I get to know him on a deeper level.

I have learned that I was right all along when I thought Cole to be a tender hearted boy. With him speaking more, I can hear those thoughts that make him who he is, seep like honey from his lips.

Cole is a such a good big brother, he is patient, kind, and for the most part loves having his mini me following closely behind.

But to be honest, I think Bennett would prefer doing the leading instead of the following...we shall see how this pans out as he gains even more mobility and more strength.

I, on the other hand am loving this phase, the mobility part....still trying to appreciate and balance the lack of sleep part, but I suppose, that too shall pass. Although our pediatrician informed me that she has a daughter who never slept as a baby and never sleeps as an 11 year old. To which I replied, "so what your saying is, it won't get better...." I suppose, buck up and deal with it should be my motto from now on.

And buck up I have been trying to do. Thankfully I am on the mend of my shingles, and thankfully I only had a very mild case, we caught it early and attacked it quickly. But I think the healing part has actually been worse than the actual shingles themselves. Basically I want to claw and rip my face off. I guess it's the skin healing and I just learned I could deal with the itching for several more months.....

So if I look like I got in a fight with a rake, now you know why.

Man, life is a crazy ride sometimes.

Still no house. Still looking. Still up at dawn....and every hour before, sometimes all night.

But I'm learning to take deeper breaths (while drowning myself in coffee and scratching my face).

To pray more.

To swallow my pride....

And lean more on the one Solid Rock.

He has had to pick me up from being face first on the floor more often than I would like to admit lately. But I suppose it's better that I allow him to lift me up rather than to lay there wallowing in whatever I feel isn't going just according to my plans.

So that is where we are at in life. Lots going on, and always always learning.

I'm just so thankful I get to learn my way through life with such sweet boys.

Apparently Bennett is learning his way around using the I said before, he does things his own way, always.

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