Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gentle reminders

The sun is out. The day is warm. I'm sipping Hubert's lemonade tea.

One is napping. One is sipping on water. He would rather have round 3 of milk, but is begrudgingly settling with water.

Life is good.

I can't get over how much these two are changing, growing, and learning daily.

They have been my constant in many crazy days. They constantly love, they constantly need, and they constantly calm my soul. 

Daily. Even in the midst of a lot of unknown.

We are still working through this process of searching for our next home. God was incredibly faithful, and we were completely awestruck when an above asking price offer was made just a day and a half into putting our house on the market. So far it looks like it will be a done deal, and while that is so so great, we are in a mad hunt for where we will call home when we must evacuate here.

A lot of unknown.

A lot of praying.

And a lot of trusting.

We thought we had found the perfect home, perfect location, great schools, beautiful park.....lots of young families in the neighborhood....

"God make it known if this house is not for us, because it seems so perfect."

A cash offer was made last minute, thus giving me the answer to my prayer.

So we continue to wait, continue to search daily for a home, and continue to see where God leads.

To be honest, waiting is not easy for me.....I have been around many different emotions during this process. Even this morning I was hopefully checking to see if any new homes popped up--nothing.

I wanted to cry, but tried praying instead.

And then I turned around to soak in a little some of this.

He also learned a new trick, this is what you get when you say "YAH!"

He is my joy.

And so is he. A big boy joy.

Gosh, I love how God gives me two perfect reminders daily and nightly that He's got this, our lives, in His big hands. I don't need to worry, even though it seems completely necessary at times, but really I don't.

He's got this. That's all I need to know.

Now to allow my heart to rest in that truth, and to soak in more of those eyes. Such lovely, blue reminders.


  1. Lovely. Amen and amen. Love you, friend.

  2. Bennett is getting so chunky!! Adorable. Miss your family. Best of luck on the house search.