Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter. Eggs.

It just gets better every year, celebrating special days with my boys. Cole is at the age where he gets excited and looks forward to doing things. And I have learned a hard lesson, do not, for any reason tell him days in advance. Because without a doubt, that will be all he asks about, all he asks about, all he asks about.....turned into all he whines about, all he cries about, all he throws fit after fit about.

Hard lesson. Learned. Check.

Regardless of the my bad decision to talk about coloring Easter eggs about, oh, two days to early. We survived, made a mess and then Cole proceeded to ask to color eggs every day there after. (We colored them on Wednesday!) Bennett, just hopped on the for the ride, as usual, and did things his own usual.

He worked those same two eggs over good. Splattered himself with that nasty dye, then did this.

And I'm not sure how you all dye your eggs, but apparently we dig a little deeper. We don't just dye the shell....

That there is the shell, the whites, and the yolk. Go big or go home. Story of Bennett's life.

And just for fun, can you guess who colored what eggs? Seriously, take a crazy, wild guess.....

Two eggs, never had a chance.

Both boys also participated in their first public Easter egg hunt. We met up with one of Kyle's coworkers and family. I honestly had no clue how Cole would do, I knew Bennett would be glued to either Kyle or myself. But Cole was kind of a wild card. And you know what? He did awesome! He ran out there like a champ, considerately picking up as many eggs as he could find.

Yes, yes....those are indeed valentine boxes. I may have actually cried when I realized I didn't have a proper basket to send my boy's out to collect eggs in their very first egg hunt. And then I may have cried harder when Kyle suggested paper bags (which I hear is actually quite normal). I had a freak out, mom-fail moment. But then got over it, when I realized neither boy even seemed to notice that they were carrying around hearts in the midst of so much pastels and wicker.

He also was the sweet big brother that he usually is, and shared some of his freshly picked up eggs with his overly shy and overwhelmed little brother.

And then this is the look Bennett gave when he spotted the Easter bunny, who was creep, creep, creepy.

Honestly, I don't know why they even allowed it, I thought for sure Cole would be back to having his night terrors. I couldn't even bring myself to take a picture, and I scooped that sad face up and distracted him with his eggs.

We then headed over to Kyle's parents house for dinner. And the boys got to partake in yet another egg hunt minus the creepy bunny. Both LOVED it!

A quick disclaimer: We don't usually make track pants our Easter best....but since someone still seems to be in big boy potty denial, those are what we ended up with. Plus, they pair well with heart valentine boxes.

We had such a good Easter and ended the day at the fish hatchery with our dear friends and their three boys. Cole was in heaven to have older boys to run around with and Bennett tried with all his might to keep up. Hopefully we wore them out enough that Cole won't think 5AM is a good time to "Mama, I wake up" tomorrow morning.

Even with all the hustle and bustle around eggs, candy and baskets, we were able to have a sweet little conversation with Cole about why we celebrate Easter. And as he sat there, letting it sink in, all quiet, and thoughtful....then turns and goes, "do bubbles?" And off he went. Such is conversation and life with a three year old.

So we blew bubbles. And we laughed, and I thanked God for His precious gift, that He died so that I can have eternity with Him in Heaven. Oh how I pray one day the true meaning of Easter will actually settle in deeply within their hearts. I cant imagine Heaven without them.

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