Monday, April 21, 2014

Just a snaphot

Sometimes there are no words. Sometimes a picture says a thousand more than I could possibly say. Sometimes, it's just better to leave it at that. I have tried to start this post about 10 different ways, perhaps I'm just tired, or maybe it's writer's block. But regardless I'm going to just follow my heart and let my boy's tell their story. Through snapshots.

Welcome to my daily world. It is not perfect, we deal with mishaps, and make mistakes. But we do know how to love, we know how to play, and we know to be a family.

Sometimes I get more help than I need. I always have a plethora of taste testers, even at a moments notice, they're there with eager smiles and grumbling tummies.

Oh, and those two chairs are always shoved right up next to the counter that I'm working at, usually resulting in one or two casualties. (mostly Bennett, who never pays attention to where the chairs begin and end.....)

( And that is not a result of him somersaulting off one of the chairs, he got into my homemade BBQ sauce and thought it was pretty tasty. Thankfully he some how managed to only get it on his forehead, thus saving his white onesie....we go through the white ones like hot cakes!)

And then there's the moment their daddy catches a glimpse of these two brothers, sitting in chairs that they placed face to face, and were giggling, talking, and laughing like they both understand exactly what the other was saying. While I was able to peek around the corner and catch the few last moments, I missed freezing it on camera. But this, this is the the aftermath. And still, just as sweet.

Side by side is just as good as face to face. Still close enough to sneak in a kiss when needed.

I needed these boys, so so much. Each unique in personality, each completely their own.

And then just like that, Cole was off, and quickly biting it (someone gets his clumsiness from his mother), scraping up his knees, needing "bandons" while little brother just sat and watched, he's so good at that. Especially when watching the one he looks up to so much.

Notice the hands, his new favorite thing to do. He grabs whatever he can, rocks, wads of grass, toys....and keeps them tight in his grasp, despite if he needs to use his hands or not. And somehow he manages.

Such a little punkin head. They both are.

And Bennett, saving the seat for Cole.  Of course. (Or just seeing teetering on the edge, you decide)

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