Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Welcome Baby Ellie

Sunday brought something very special. It brought us this little girl, fresh-faced and ready to make her parent's dreams come true.

Sweet girl, did you know that your mama and dadda have dreamed of this day for many, many years? Did you know that there have been hundreds upon thousands of prayers prayed especially for you? Did you know that God knit you perfectly together at just the right moment, and now here you are. As beautiful as ever, more loved than you could ever imagine.

You came into this world reminding us all of the fragility of life, you showed us that you are strong, and a fighter of life. Keep up the good fight little girl, you have a whole life ahead of you.

You made my brother a daddy, and your mama gets to hold her dream come true. You are so loved.

You bring happy tears to so many eyes, because you are nothing short of a miracle. Sweet girl, never forget what you are, who created you, who loved you first.

That you are special.

Welcome to life outside of the womb, welcome to this family wee one. We are so completely happy to finally get to meet you!

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  1. How precious! What a beautiful blessing from God!