Friday, May 23, 2014


I'm scared to even type this, because it seems a jinx always quickly follows. However, I'm gonna do it anyways.

They SLEEP. Or I should say, Bennett sleeps.

He still freaks out if I leave the room before he falls asleep. So I spend a good chunk of time coaxing him to drift off to sweet slumber by way of rubbing his back....and then ssssllllooooooowwwwly tip-toeing backward towards the door. And I swear he has a sixth sense, and knows (even while fast asleep) the moment....THE MOMENT I gently close the door.

And this is usually the look I give in my head as he starts yelling and kicking his disgruntles.

But you know what? I don't even care, because he's actually giving us sleep at night. And that, is worth every 50 times I have to walk back over to his crib, lean over on my tippy toes, and rub that precious little back.

Because honestly, they are only this little, this snuggly for so long. He is such a snuggle bug, goodness, it kills me. And this is now how he prefers to watch Daniel Tiger, I am expected to lay on the couch while he snuggles on top...can't say I mind.

And let me tell you, when you get sleep, you have sooo much energy! Imagine that. I didn't feel like I was having to force myself to get out and play with the boys. And it has been a truly wonderful week.
Here is a little recap of how we've been enjoying our days (the garden planting actually happened a couple weekends ago)

Kyle and the boys worked hard on potting some plants and planting a "garden" every day Cole runs out to look at his vegitabulls. (And Bennett did his share of supervising with some awesome bed hair)

 We scored and happened to have found the best solution for our pots out front.

Who needs plants when you have cuties like that?

The boys love to help Kyle with anything that has anything to do with dirt, grass, and digging. And are often trailing behind him while he's trying to mow the lawn or working in the yard. Last week he actually found a frog while mowing. This was very exciting for Cole.....Bennett, while a bit intrigued, wanted nothing to do with it, and kept trying to get me to put it down.

I love the last pic, right after that was taken, Mr B grabbed my hand and tried to physically get me to put the frog down. He's always got a way with making things happen his way.

It's also been very sweet watching him grow and gain independence from my leg. Multiple times throughout the day he will wander off, and I find him quietly playing by himself. Sometimes I just sit in the distance and watch him and his imagination. I have to be sneaky because once he makes eye contact with me, it's all over and the moment is lost. Here are a couple of those sweet moments.

In between the quiet escapes, he spends the rest of his time trailing behind either Cole or myself.  Here is just one example....

I find him mimicking Cole, and usually repeating the naughty things Cole says. He has discovered the joy of saying No, or "Maaaawwwww" as he prefers saying.

The other day he actually bit me, talk about a shock! I thought he took a chunk out of my arm, and when I scolded him he stuck out his lower lip and leaned in for kiss after kiss. He doesn't like making his mama unhappy.

Cole has had a growing fascination with pirates (thanks to Jake) and this is his take on the modern day pirate.

Not sure if the one boot is supposed to be a peg leg or what, but I think the In-and-Out hat is a nice touch, as is the no clothes. I hear a lot of "Arrrr, Arrrr's" and there are usually swords, and maps and treasure to be found. We look for a lot of treasure round here.

With all the nice weather  and treasure hunts, we spend the majority of our days outdoors. We have just loved our backyard for this season, it has plenty of rocks to climb and trees to go on "jungle hunts" in.

This is the look he has been giving when he succeeds in climbing atop the rock and balancing on it.

Also, not sure if you can see it or not, but he has a whole host of bruises on his noggin. I call him my bruiser....I'm sure he will be the first with a broken bone....

But the bruises don't stop this kid from trying the same daring things over and over again. The other day Kyle turned around to the hollers of Mr B, to his surprise he found him balancing on the handles of his plasma car, and he was upset because he couldn't figure out how to get down.  He is bound and determined to give me a heart attack!

And then there is this boy.
Glamor shots, what?

He is pushing his luck and plenty of buttons lately. But in between those defiant outbreaks, there are the tender moments that remind me, he is still the same sweet boy,  just going through a little rough patch.

This, oh this, is one of those "tender" moments.

He stops what he's doing to pick me flowers or make me leaf bouquets. And while he's bringing them to me he has a look full of love plastered all over his face. 

He also never ceases to make me laugh on a daily basis.

Excuse the bunsies. But they make an appearance daily....and those boots, his favorite accessory.

And this.....

Poor Bennett, didn't see it coming...actually, he probably did....because this happens every time Cole gets a hold of the hose. And he has learned to just smile through it. Such a trooper.

And then most of our days are rounded out with this.

They love him. So do I.

And I also love that we are getting more sleep. Makes the day to day life extra wonderful.


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