Wednesday, August 13, 2014


As my incredibly insightful 3 year old put it the other day.....

Cole: Mom, I really don't like to wait.
Me: I know honey, patience is hard sometimes.
Cole: (Big sigh) Yeah, I just really don't have the energy for it today.

I feel ya bud, more than you know.

Waiting. It's hard. Patience. Can be the toughest to find. And that is where we are hanging out these days.

I thought it was probably time to give an update. And I really want to take a minute just to say how incredibly blessed we have been by all of the comments, emails, texts, phone calls, and fb messages. What wonderful people we have in our lives, some days I find myself in tears reading the encouraging words. So thank you. Thank you to everyone that is taking the time to pray for us, for keeping our baby in your thoughts and prayers.

Your prayers have been the strength that has kept our hearts at peace. Honestly, it's true. The last thing I ever expected was to feel as much peace as I do. I still have my moments where I break, where I can't seem to stop the tears. Where my fears get the better of me. But I would have to say for the most part, we are ok. We are waiting. We are learning patience. We are learning trust.

We opted to get the more extensive blood testing vs. the amnio. The doctors would have preferred the amnio since it is diagnostic, and the blood testing is still considered "screening". But the blood test only has a 1% chance of false positive and absolutely no risk to the baby. It just didn't sit right in my heart to do something that could cause a potential miscarriage. Because really at this point, we know that whatever the results, it's not going to change our love for our baby. But with our choice came a two week waiting period for the results.

So we wait, and try to keep ourselves busy.

My love and I were actually able to get away to the coast for one night. I cannot even begin to tell you how refreshing that was for my soul, for our relationship, for our hearts. We actually had time to just sit, talk, and be together. I was reminded again why God put my man in my life. He knew I needed him more than I knew myself. I can't imagine walking this journey with anyone else. He is such comfort and strength for me. Our time at the beach breathed life into two weary hearts. And then we got to top of our time with our boys, my in-laws drove the boys to us and we all got to play in that salty air together.

Just what this mama needed.

We are blessed. So very blessed. And will continue to hold to the truth that God knows what He is doing. I will keep you all updated when we get the results next week.

Again, I cannot say thank you enough. It means the world. And our sweet little baby is kicking its thanks as well! :)

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  1. Caley, I'm praying for you and your family. I know that the waiting time is so hard....its where the trial really lies for me many times, but also a very sanctifying time.