Thursday, August 28, 2014

What baby eats

So wow. At first this pregnancy seemed to be moving at a snails pace, then all of a sudden I realize I never did week 16 update, and completely forgot to even take a picture! AAAAAANNNNDDD tomorrow happens to be a very big day. We get to officially find out if we will  be celebrating with bow ties or tutus! EEEK!

Oh, and I'm going to totally throw things all off and actually post a recipe. Because it's been way too long, and I'm finally able to stand the smell of most things again. I still clutch tightly to my zofran, and random dry heaves can hit at just about any time....but I think I'm starting to feel more better than bad. So things are looking up!

But let's start with what we had for dinner last night. I'm finding that I am constantly looking for super quick and super easy meals lately. I still haven't seemed to have gotten that second trimester energy spurt, so if I can conserve any kind of energy, I do.

And this recipe is about as easy as counting 1-2-3. So easy, that Bennett was even my sous chef. And get this, there were no major catastrophes. However, every time I turned around I caught him with his little fingers dipping into the mixture licking them with delight. I knew he was sold.

Green Chili Chicken Enchilada Casserole is where it's at. Both boys thought so, and both scarfed down way more than I had anticipated. And by scarf, I mean Bennett ditched his fork and went in with both fists. And Cole ate about 4 fully unpersuaded bites and ended with a "Mmmm, mama this is good!"  4 bites. I think that is a record. So I have quadruple starred this recipe, and may be making it on a weekly basis.

Please, don't let the picture scare you out of trying this recipe. I was hungry, and about ready to eat my the fact that I actually took a picture is a miracle in its self.

If you want to see some pics of where they actually make it look appetizing head over  here, to Iowa Girl Eats. And throw this delishes and mostly healthy (I used LF sour cream) dish together. I will add that I didn't use the full amount of corn tortillas, I got mine from Trader Joe's, and I'm not sure if they were bigger or thicker than the ones she used, but it felt like the mixture would be much too dry if I added them all. And I even added about a 1/2 C more of the sour cream and enchilada just pay attention to the consistency. You want it slightly saucy, so that the creaminess really comes through. Other than that, I followed the recipe to a 'T'.

I may have selfishly hoarded all the leftovers for myself and made my boys eat bananas and peanut butter instead. I blame it on my baby, it was begging for a great big, leftover helping.

Speaking of "it" I cannot wait to be able to reference my baby as either a boy or a girl instead of "it". Feels so much more personable, and I always feel even more connected and in love to the little peanut once I can call it by a name.

Cole still insists it's a girl. And then informed me that this one would be a girl and the next one would be a boy......uh, yeah...had to break it to my little buddy that there probably would not be another. He didn't seem to mind, and is still so completely sweet to my growing bump. Multiple times a day both boys come over and start rubbing and kissing my belly. Bennett still refers to it as "beebee" and loves to snuggle his head on top of my bump, while gently rubbing it with his hand. It is soooo cute! Then he tries to pull up my shirt to see "beebee" but found that slapping my exposed belly makes a very cool sound. I had to put a stop to that, as the slaps got harder and know, the louder the sound, the better. Kind of made me feel like he was picking out a watermelon....

I have also been trying to explain to the boys that tomorrow we are going to have a party to find out what is in my tummy. Cole of course was all over that idea, and immediately started making plans for candles and cake.  He even made his own decorations that included baseballs and princess will definitely be displayed. I'm pretty sure he is expecting there to be presents, hoping his little bubble won't be burst too deeply. The cupcakes should help ease the pain at least.

So tomorrow, we find out, and hopefully I can get it up on the blog either tomorrow night or Saturday! Get ready to cast your votes.

Bow tie or Tutu? what's it gonna be????

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