Monday, June 22, 2015

And the Angels Rejoice!

Today I get to type a blessed story that my fingers and heart have ached to type. Before I ever even met my boy's face to face I prayed for them. I prayed that they would make their own decision that would change their entire course in life. That God would prepare their hearts for truth and when the time was right they would grasp that truth and run with it. Oh how my heart begged for their eternity, that they would experience the sweet, not perfect, but the redeeming life that can only be found with Christ. It is absolutely the most important decision one can make, the one that changes the entirety of life's course and where one resides when swept from this earth.

It's the life altering decision that creates a whole heavenly host of rejoicing.

And today. My mama's heart get to rejoice alongside the angels. Today my heart gets to burst with joy and my happy tears will fall because two of my boys decided that they wanted to give their lives to Christ and ask Him to come into theirs. They made the decision. They prayed.

And then Bennett hopped off the bed said, "OK, let's go!" when asked "where to?" he said, "to heppin (heaven)." Apparently he thought he had just earned the golden ticket to go to heaven whenever he wanted too.

It was Cole's decision and then Bennett piped up and quickly decided that he wanted to do exactly what big brother was doing.  I know they are young, but I believe sometimes the youngest of hearts are the freshest, purest and the ones that are more ready than some of the oldest.

 I was four when I made the decision to follow Christ. I wasn't persuaded by my parents, but decided all on my own. And I remember it vividly. I remember knowing that I had made the most important decision, and I never turned back. Yes, there have been times of questioning, of searching, of making sure that I wasn't believing in vain. And I always, always came out being rooted even further in my faith, in my belief that Jesus was real, that He is the one and true way to everlasting life.

So yes, Cole is young....he may not fully understand everything yet. But that is the joy of living in Christ. Your journey never ends, the further you seek, the more you grasp, and the deeper you fall in love with Jesus. My prayer now is that he will never stop seeking and that he will live for Christ boldly.

And Bennett, well, I think God planted a seed that has been rooted in his heart. Judging from the deep disappointment of not being able to waltz into Heaven on command...he still has more understanding to gain. But he has an eagerness in his heart. And who am I or anyone else to decide whether his little heart was truly ready or not, in my eyes, God knows. And that is all the matters.

What a joyful day, as Kyle put it "Best Father's Day gift ever!"

It's the kind of gift that with an eternal impact, and one that I am forever grateful for. Praise Jesus for such big boy decisions, oh how I pray they hold onto that decision and allow it to navigate them through all of life's ups and downs.

Tonight we will celebrate, it won't be anything like the celebration going on in heaven right now, but we will try to do it justice. And if the boys have it their way it will most likely involve mac n cheese and ice cream. We go big or go home around here.

John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave His one and only son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life".

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  1. I was young, too, don't remember the exact age. And Aubrey and Bryant both asked Jesus into their hearts when they were young. I am now seeing the real fruit of their faith in God. It's encouraging to see that prayer they prayed when they were so little taking root. Stuart asked Jesus into his heart because Bryant bribed him with a toy. So I am still praying for him. :) What an exciting day for the Marstons!