Monday, June 15, 2015

My spitfire

How can one little boy,

Be so full of mischievous.

So accident prone.

So messy. So charming. So independent. So shy. So silly and so serious and so in need of his mama all in one.

He is his own little being. One that makes me laugh, makes me cry, makes me want to run my head into a wall.

He is sneaky and smart and knows exactly where he should not be and what he should not be doing. And yet, he goes there and does it anyways. Usually with a smirk and a twinkle in his eye.

He has single handedly destroyed the most between all three boys put together. Last week he tore off the ink pad part from ALL of my ink pads and I found him "scrubbing" my walls, floor, couch, pillow, and coffee table with them. All in a matter of a few minutes. I'm still finding spots that I missed.

The other night I walked up stairs about 45 minutes after putting him in his crib for the night. He nonchalantly sauntered around the corner, looked at me and casually tossed a smile in my direction. You could feel him beaming as he knew that he had just turned the pages into new territory.


I may have secretly screamed in my head.

Because Bennett and freedom always seems to end in some destructive mess.

Freedom opens up a whole can of worms involving a little scrapper, who thinks he is always right, who will stop at nothing to prove to you his mission...regardless of how cohesive his mission may really be.

Lately his mission has been to see how long he can prolong going to sleep. (oh yes, we are going back to that place again....why.....oh,why must this little boy be bound and determined to never ever sleep?!?)

Since he figured out how to scale his crib (even with the mattress completely dropped to the ground and him barely on the charts for height) we brought in the big guns--his own big boy bed. We thought it would be cool, we thought it would help, we thought it would give him a fun new place to lay his tired noggin. Only he refuses to sleep on it. He would rather sleep on an old blanket right next to his bed, or when we ask him to sleep on his blanket, he refuses and will tell us he wants to sleep on the floor...straight up.

I use the word "sleep" loosely. Usually it means we are telling him to get back in his room, we are marching him and all his big boyness back to his bed...blanket....floor, whatever. 

We have found him in his "Tole's" room. In his playroom tinkering. In our bathroom, where he pulled down my makeup bag....put on some lovely eyeliner....and emptied some sparkly mineral eyeshadow all over our carpet. he rumages and rips pages out of books.

While staying at Kyle's parents house (during our lovey busted water line escapade), we found him in the garage, in the laundry room, up the stairs, in our room, up on chairs taking things down from shelves and basically doing everything but this.

But he will cave....eventually.....usually after pulling ever last toy out of his basket. After losing toys, getting timeouts, spanks, deleting his favorite shows (he actually corrected me, when I told him one time that I would be deleting an umi zumi...and he said, "No, no mom my favorite 'toe' is 'mittey mouse'")

Buh-bye "Mittey Mouse".

And then he crashes amongst a sea of toys. And I sneak in to cover him up and stare at his fair little features.

And I smile.

Because even though he tests every fiber of my being, he draws me into his world. And I always, always love what I see and find. His charming little smile, his constant need of being close to me. The way he shrinks into himself when someone he doesn't know looks at him. For such a spunky spitfire, he is shamefully shy. For such a sassafras he is completely and utterly my most affectionate one.

I love that about him. His polar opposite personalities.

And even though we are going on weeks of these escapades of dancing around his bed time. (for all you moms who say it only took your child a few days.....pretty sure Bennett will make it last that and raise it a few weeks....months even--years?....very possibly). I'm pretty positive when he makes up his mind that he will actually go to bed when we tell him too, he will. And he will probably do it very well.

Here's to you growing up Mr B. Here's to making it through your new found freedom (God help me--please?!?) Here's to seeing how strong these walls can hold up against your desctructo derby ways. Without you, my world would not be painted so brightly (literally), it would be a bit boring and mundane. But you, YOU add an amazing dimension that was needed.

So thank you. And Folex would like to thank you personally for our business and our undoubtedlty never ending supply that WILL be needed until the day you decide paint actually does in fact belong on paper. So maybe the day you graduate from high school? Move on to college?

Bennett, we love you and the spice you bring to our lives. :)

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