Friday, June 19, 2015


Oh how I love the days of summer. The days of no longer having to search for matching socks (or just grabbing any two and calling it good), the days of no layers, no coats.....boys running around in just shorts, or brothers old way-too-small-more-like-capri-sweatpants (if I'm lucky).

It's getting fresh air, endless picnics (thanks to Cole's latest obsession) and being able to say, "just go outside and run around". Or filling up the pool, turning on the sprinkler and letting them go at it.

Bennett takes the "go at it" to heart.

It's about packing up all the boys, heading to Hood River (praying they sleep in the car) and picking berries.

One little boy who didn't take to napping in the car too well, who plops himself down by himself to play in the dirt instead of pick berries.

It's paying for half of picked berries that are green and inedible. But paying anyways because you can't put a price on fun and new experiences.

It's spoiling them with ice cream from the famous Mike's, and then quickly remembering why we save it for rare occasions, as we had to drag two very unhappy boys back to the car.

Short naps + berry picking + sun + playing a the park + sugar overload isn't exactly a recipe for success. However, we will probably do it all over again, because the tantrums were short and probably a result of us trying to cram too much into one day.

Summer also means more sugar in the form of roasted marshmallows, graham crackers, and melty chocolate. Plus a daddy who is brave and attempts to "camp" with the oldest boys in the backyard. Take a wild guess who didn't last the whole night as he tried to make escape after escape.....

Mmmmm... s'mores. My favorite, theirs too.

It's spending sunny afternoons at Grandma and Grandpa's, playing on the slip n slide and having so much fun.

Squirt gun wars and plumbers crack.

And this little one, enjoying his first summer.

Always chilling and anticipating the next person who will smile at him.

And rocking the baby rolls with such ease.

Summer. It's the best. There are more play dates with friends, meeting new chickens, making mud pies, and playing endless games of soccer (in which I was informed that I am not very good at--thanks Cole).

And there are 3 adorable boys that I get to hang with all day long as we soak up every ounce of that glistening summer sun. I'm one lucky mama.

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