Sunday, February 9, 2014

Apparently the lack of smiles out of Bennett wasn't because he disliked the snow. We forgot a key factor, this kid lives for adventure! He was most likely fuming that big brother was the one getting to do the "fun" stuff, and he was left to stomping mindlessly in the snow.

Or just standing in one spot watching in the distance...

While big bro worked on a snowman with daddy

Only to give into frustrated, fist-in-the-air cry because the head kept crumbling to pieces....

Still really wish I could have captured this moment head know, to really see the full thunder of the moment. Cracks me up every time.

After smashing the snowman to pieces, we decided it was time for sledding...ease the pain of our unsuccessful snowman skills.

Bennett watched, and watched and then suddenly marched over to the sled, pointed at it, and insisted on giving it a himself....all free willy nilly and no holding on, despite how many times Kyle patiently tried to show him.

It was the first time I actually saw true snow enjoyment on his face, and when we tried to lift him off to give Cole a turn, he did the whole, shoes-suddenly-become-all-glue-like-and-stick-like-cement-to-whatever-it-is-he-doesn' we had to plop Cole in the sled with him.

Neither seemed to mind too much.

Oh Bennett, you and your thrill-seeking self. Mama loves you so.

And Cole, I love that you have no issues expressing what you are feeling. Even if it results in fists waving in the air. It's cute, for now at least....especially when it only lasts for two seconds.

And Bennett, next time, mama promises to put you in a hat that actually fits, so you spend less time hanging out in the dark...

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