Monday, February 24, 2014

Rainy day naps

We deal with lots of rain around here.

Lots of rain equals lots of puddles.

A lot of hats, coats, and jumping off rocks.

And little brother taking it all in.

being cute as a button, of course.

There are squabbles over shovels, buckets, and who gets to sit in what dirt....then they both get distracted digging for bugs, or in Cole's case "making" more flowers.

Or the new go-to game of hide n seek. I can see you Cole.....

And then after the damp, wet, play in the cold, comes warm little bodies. Cozy blankets. Blocks. Hot cocoa. Mickey Mouse....and this.

Nap time.

Be still my heart. It's mush, literally mush.

He sleeps with his rump in the air, and those wee little toesies....

My. Heart. Mush.


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