Thursday, February 27, 2014

I just realized that this little sweetie pie is going to be 1 1/2 in a couple weeks...

I would be lying if I didn't say it took me a bit by surprise. Or that secretly my heart is sad because one of these days he is going to push me away instead of snuggling up close. He is going to want his independence instead of insisting that he needs my hand wherever he goes. And he may actually come to realize that life isn't over if his mama doesn't give him her undivided attention, for every moment.

He's going to give up our precious nursing sessions ( or at this rate, I may be the one taking them) He won't need me to lift his cozy, warm little body out of his crib each morning. he won't let his hair go wild, and will try to calm it a bit. And waking up 3 times a night because he either misses me, wants to snuggle, or thinks he's hungry will become a thing of the past. Soon he will be self-sufficient, and I will have to steal kisses from him when he least expects it. But never will I stop kissing that boy.


For such a little fire cracker, he sure is sweet. For such a determined little man, he sure needs his mama by his side. For such a big personality, he is as tender as they come. While he may be growing up way too fast, I have been absolutely delighted to be his chosen one at his side, every moment of every second of every day.

His little hands are now steady as he stacks blocks as tall as he is. He pretend plays with Cole and I, and is fully involved in every aspect, even though he has yet to form a sentence. He mimics and imitates every little thing.

He's starting to get a little trot run down, and "jumps" on command. He is cautious with any new situation, especially if unfamiliar faces are around. He tends to look pretty darn serious as he soaks everything in.

He loves to point to his eyes, nose, ears, tum-tum, belly button, knees, feet and toes. And head and shoulders is a fave. He recently found his nostril, and now likes to stick his finger in it and run from me while doing so. He also likes to try and pick my nose while he's nursing, what is it with boys and boogs?!

The other morning I asked Cole if he would rather watch Mickey Mouse or Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, and a little voice behind me yelled, "TI-EEE" apparently he had an opinion. Daniel Ti-ee it was.

His blasted eye teeth finally popped through....along with the tips of an upper and lower molar...with more on the way I'm sure. At least there is an explanation for the extremely clingy, extremely sad little boy I had hanging off of every limb for the past month! Tylenol, you are our friend.

He has finally ( I hesitate to even type these next sentences, but due to wanting his life properly documented will do so anyways...) stopped waking up all hours of the night. And as of this past week has been waking up once to nurse and then goes back down until about 8, sometimes 9 in the morning. His brother on the other hand.....

Needs to get the memo, 5:30 am is NOT a good time to start the day, why....really, why? But to help keep this mama sane, they both take their one nap at the same time, hallelujah! Thanks to Bennett dropping his second nap about a month and a half ago, we are back to being able to actually leave the house!

He is my little bookworm, seriously, he would be happy as a clam to pick out book after book while I read them to him. Currently his top faves are The Little Blue Truck (if you don't have this one, it is soooo cute!), The Potty Book (weird? Yes, maybe...), Moo Baa La La La, The Very Busy Spider, Eric Carle's Book Of Colors, and Panda Bear, Panda Bear. I also found that the secret to get him to lay on his back and not flip while changing a diaper is to give him a book = LIFE-SAVER!

Speaking of The Potty Book, this kid is going to be fully potty trained before his older brother. I have only had to change one poopy diaper all week long. If he starts pushing, all I have to say is, "Bennett, do you need to go poo-poo?" Then he pats hit diaper and takes off to the big boy potty, waits for me to take his diaper off and then does his thang. I've also been able to get him to go potty several times....have I been able to get him to NOT play in it as he's going? No. Baby steps, baby steps....

Seriously, this boy......These boys.....

Goodness, they have me smitten and helplessly in love.

My wild-haired little boy, thank you for your kind heart, for your hugs that squeeze the depths of my soul, for your spunk that makes me laugh and exasperated...sometimes simultaneously. Thank you for needing me, for loving me, for choosing my arms to hold you. This time, these moments are so very dear to me, little one. Thank you for sharing them with me. I love you beyond measure.

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