Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nailed it.

So I have been trying to do more of a "self-directed play" with the boys. I tend to be to much of a mother hen, and try to coral a little too much, if you know what I mean. I do it with the best of intentions, but I am learning that with boys it is important to allow them the chance to choose, play, and direct themselves. So we gave it a try today.

Cole thought it would be a good idea to paint. Bennett always thinks it's a good idea to paint. So we painted.

Cole decided he was making me a "valentines day" and asked for the heart stickers. So I gave him the stickers

And then the self-directing play began. I was a good girl and just let it unfold, snapping away and laughing along with these two precious hearts. (no pun intended--ok, maybe a little bit)

Here we go....

Bennett seemed to get the brunt of the stickers, but didn't seem to fact, he started helping Cole stick them everywhere.

As you can see, someone thought he was hilarious, as usual.

Not sure if this is what they had in mind, but apparently it's how my boys interpreted it. So either we totally nailed it, or butchered it......I'm gonna go with nailed it. :)

Either way, we had a good time, and in the end....isn't that all that matters?

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