Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How We Play

Welcome to our world, where the nights are way too short, and the days can be...well, sometimes a little long, but never dull.

And always filled with bursts of joy that resonate from two little boys, who think they run the roost.

Some days these two sweet little boys can be a bit mischievous, especially when they find my bag of cotton balls....

And then sometimes I just go with it....because really, how much trouble can one get it while wearing thomas undies, a life preserver, and tossing cotton balls over the railing?

Cole is going to hate me some day.....but then, I will just point to the mess that he is running amongst, and I think we will call it even.

And the best was when Daddy came home early and got to join in on the "snowball" fun.

"Aaaaaahhhhh!!!!" Bennett said.

After picking pieces of cotton out of my eyes for the rest of the day, we headed over to my parent's house to spend time with Nana. This is always a highlight for both boys, especially since they manage to somehow convince my mom to either make her famous pudding or popcorn. She kindly obliges.

Cole finally is old enough to help, and really could not be any more excited.

He even browsed other recipes, I guess checking out what he will whip up next!

I think someone was excited to watch the pudding thicken up, which meant it was time to plop a big scoop of ice cream on top and dig in! That happens to be my favorite part too.

We love our time at Nana's, usually my sister joins us with her little one as well. And then Kara and Cole get down to business bickering like they were siblings. It's comical really, the amount of comfort they have with one another.

Yesterday we were actually able to get all of the cousins together since Na was on Spring Break, and along with Nana we went to check out the fish hatchery near our home.

Nana was able to score some fish t-shirts from her friend, and I have never seen Cole more proud of a shirt in his life. The day he received it he proudly lifted his sweatshirt to show everyone his "Bish" I also made the mistake of telling Cole that we would go see lots of fish with Na (Jenna) and Kara a few days prior. BIG MISTAKE, HUGE....every day was a let down leading up to it, and was the cause of many meltdowns and heartbreaks. Every day he asked to go see...um, "fishes" but it came out more with a 'b' in the front and a 'tch" somewhere in the middle....nice Cole. :) So I tried to avoid talking about seeing the "fishes" while out in public, for the sake of misinterpretation.

For a split second I thought the hatchery would be a dud. Then we found the correct area where all the fish were...and then practically fell into the feeding pond, which was by far, the highlight of the trip.

We kept loading up on fish food, letting the kids dump handfuls in for the fish.....and then on our third fill-up we noticed a nice little sign that said, "one handful per person please". Oops. We will make sure to obey next time.

I think they had fun, and it's pretty evident that they love to be around each other. Cole barged in on a sisterly hug session, and they embraced him with open arms of course.

She's still his movie star, seriously, he thinks the world of his Na.....who cares about the fishies when she lets him hold her hand.

And then we attempted a shot with me and my boys, I had Cole who was so not into it, and a Bennett who kept trying to slide down my leg....pretty much the norm.

And to wind up an already picture loaded post...i thought I would leave with our last attempt at all the cousins together..... "what were we thinking" comes to mind when looking through them. They were done, we were done.... Never were able to get Cole to even sit his cute little self down.


Aaaaaaand, they're done.

That's about the time we called it a day and gathered all our little fishies up to go home for some lunch. 

And that is how we played this past week. :)

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