Thursday, March 27, 2014

King Cole

Sometimes you look out the window, you see the rain, and think to yourself..... " I wonder how this day is going to go"

And then sometimes your oldest comes up to you and asks you to make him a crown. So you clumsily cut out something that kind of resembles one, let him decorate it with stickers and pens, then use way too much tape to secure it together....and without even realizing it, you have forgotten about the dreariness outside, because.....

You were standing in the presence of royalty all morning long.

Cole deemed himself the king, Bennett a prince, and I got to be a princess complete with my own pink crown. Please don't judge my crown making abilities, clearly I have boys, and crowns don't get requested around here very often, until today. What prompted it? I have no idea. But I liked it.

Especially when Cole broke out his dance moves...oh man, oh man, I wish you all could have witnessed this. It was like his own little "risky business", only with a crown, made out of paper.

And you thought Mr Gangnam Style had moves....

I swear that my kids own clothes, truly they do. They just don't like to wear them. But I guess they like to wear crowns....

At least this one did, Bennett ripped his to shreds shortly after. He also made this mama cry.

I cut his mullet.

I did, and I cried as I watched those sweet blonde curls fall to the ground. Thinking to myself, "why are you doing this" as I made those scissors snip snip across the back.

I also may have cried when I realized I have very old looking hands.....

I don't know why it was so hard for me, maybe because I was so surprised to have a baby with curly hair, and I fell in love with the sweetness of those little wisps. They represent part of his babyness that is slowly slipping between my fingers. He's growing up. He even has 6 teeth barging their way through his gums now to prove just that. He isn't going to stay my baby for much longer.

And then after I gathered enough courage to actually let those freshly cut curls drop from my hands, I find out that I was supposed to have saved them. :(

At least I documented them, old hands and all.

I didn't have the heart to take any off the top or the sides, I'm so not ready to see those go, even as unruly as they get some days. They are too sweet, they are my Bennett.....unruly and true to himself through and through.

My babies. Crowns, dance moves, curls and all.

These days hold so many moments that I wish I could capture more of, so that time could be still just for a while.  Sometimes I feel like the time is slipping through my finger just like the curl wisps.

They are such a joy in every way possible. Even when the rain pours down, they fill me and surprise me, and brings rays of sunshine in their own unique ways.

So much love for my King Cole and Prince Bennett.

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