Thursday, March 20, 2014

What We've Been Eating

Well, it should probably be titled what "Caley, Kyle and Bennett Have Been Eating" because as of late Cole pretty much refuses anything at the dinner table. And I refuse to make two separate dinners. So we are kind of at a stand still, he refuses, I stand my ground....and then he eats some yogurt before bed.

I just can't do the whole, go to  bed hungry thing. Especially to a face like that!


Since Monday was St Patrick's Day, we celebrated by making green smoothies (that actually turned out more purple than green) and I made an all green dinner. It's actually called Creamy Avocado Pasta (follow this Link for the recipe). This stuff is good. Kind of reminded me of a fettuccine type dish, and you really don't need a ton of sauce on the noodles. In fact, both Kyle and I preferred it with's pretty rich.

Yet there is absolutely no cream added, but it's so creamy and tastes like it's super bad for you. I didn't put in put the 8 cloves of garlic, only did 4 and used 3 avocados instead of 4....I was having issues with my "cados" as Cole calls them) Both boys helped whip it together, and were licking the spoon, the bowl, the pot....I actually thought for a split second this would be a successful meal in the Cole department.  I mean, he was soooo excited about it, and kept saying, "Mmmm, it good mama!"

He even insisted on helping me take the picture, and wanted to sit next to the plate....

And then went in for a little finger dip.

But the moment we all were dished and sat down to eat together, he wouldn't have a thing to do with it. "It's Bicy" he said, I tried to remind him that it was the same sauce he had been eating just  moments before..... he didn't care, once he decides it's "bicy" there's no going back. It's like a death sentence for his food.  Oh Cole, sometimes you confuse me to pieces.

Bennett, just dug in, and practically licked his plate clean. No surprise there. (How can it be that you can not even make it on the charts?! You eat like a grown man! Completely Baffling.)

So that was day one of my week.....Cole fail.

Tuesday wasn't much better, I made my favorite Tamale Pie as requested by the hubs..... Cole still snubbed his nose, and wound up with yogurt before bed--again.

Yesterday, I started craving a great big chicken chopped salad.....Cole hates salad, but at this point I didn't really care. I figured, it wasn't like he would eat something I tailored for him anyways. And we were way overdue for one, it's been at least 7 months! The main reason being, Cole. I know he won't eat it, and I would rather us all sit down to the same meal. So I tried my best to get him excited about it, and let him choose his veggies (he does love carrots!) and assemble them. And it seemed to be working, he chatted about his salad and how good it would be. Then together we made the yummiest Balsamic Vinaigrette. It is so good, I have been drizzling it on everything. The best part, no artificial anything, it's fresh, and I had every single ingredient hanging out in the cupboard!

It really turned out to have the perfect balance of sweet and tang. Much of what I look for in a good balsamic dressing. Check out the recipe HERE. However, it didn't help in the swaying of my picky child to eat his salad that he meticulously made.

Yogurt again.

Tonight I didn't even try, I threw together some baked eggs and called it a day...because it has been just that, A DAY...and maybe a half. Seriously, and it all started at 7 this morning over bananas, a smoothie, and major attitude...don't get me started. I think my 3 year old may have turned 13 overnight. Yeesh. Good thing we managed to pull it somewhat together, go for a looooooooooooong walk, play in the sun and squeeze some sweet moments out, regardless of the rocky start.

Oh, and for the record....we had to bribe him to eat two bites of his eggs....he loves eggs.

Apparently not anymore..... (ready to pull my hair out) 

Cole, you're a stinker, enjoy your yogurt. ;)

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