Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Joy

This past weekend was lovely, truly lovely. Saturday morning I was awakened by a very handsome man and a cute little boy bringing me fresh made waffles in bed. They tasted even better when Cole climbed up next to me and begged for bites :) What a way to kick off the weekend, I felt like royalty.

The weather could not have been better, the sun was out, the sky was blue and we played and soaked it up. Before naps, we headed to a St. Patty's Day festival at a local garden center.  Cole loved it, he got to "fish", pot a plant, make a wooden necklace, get a sucker, and watch an old fashioned train and carnival set up. Bennett spent his time split between hiding from people and wanting to run wild.

Complete with a hangnail fixation break.

And Bennett worked on his hand holding skills...something he would rather not do, and often results in him being carried instead of stubborn.

As a reward for Cole making it to each booth and getting a "passport stamp" he got to pick out a prize. This was a big deal, and he spent a lot of thought looking through his choices. At first he pulled out a sword of bubbles, and then carefully put it back, after thoughtfully digging through the toys again, something caught his eye.....a pink and purple My Little Pony.....I tried to point out the cool cars, the sword, the jump rope. Nope. He found his prize, and humbly I thanked the perplexed looking lady, and told Cole he had made a "cool" choice. He was so proud of his new friend, and was so excited to show "Na" the next day.

Unfortunately, something has happened to his new pony (no, I had nothing to do with it) and he asks for it every once in awhile, so we search and look, with no luck, then he gets sidetracked with blocks or trains....and I let it rest, happily of course.

After the festical we went home and convinced them to go down for naps with promises of parks and sunshine when they woke up.

We did as we promised, we played outside. And while I was busy helping Cole dig for worms, Bennett found his own thing to do....with his shovel....

Someone mistook his shovel for a giant spoon, maybe I should have fed him more for lunch....

I just prayed he didn't swallow any rocks with that dirt.

Bennett, Bennett, make me smile, all the time.

He basically stormed the park full force. I turned my eyes for one second and he scaled the rock wall to the top.

Piece of cake. Mr. No Fear marched himself over to the biggest, the fastest, the twirliest slide and without a moments hesitation shoved himself down, full throttle into daddy's arms.

Kyle and I about died looking at the above picture, Kyle said he looked like Bill Murray from Kingpin (apparently it's kind of a dirty movie, we have only seen the edited TV version, and it's been awhile, so please don't go and rent it on our account) But just so you can see what we found so funny... Sorry, Bennett...for the record, you are WAY cuter, but the hair!

Anyways, back to the park...

There were slide races

Cole showing Bennett the incorrect way to use a slide...

And brother caught on, as usual.

The only driving I allow him to do, even though he still insists he could drive us to Nana's and get us there all in one piece.

They LOVED the tire swing!

We wrapped up the park with some swinging and more sliding and then drug them away kicking and screaming, it's never a fun park day without hollering when time to leave.

Then we rounded out the weekend celebrating this precious little lady turning 2!!! How can that be? That means that Bennett will be following shortly in the two department, I might cry! They grow so fast, so so fast.

And how is it that the weekends always seem to be over just when they get started? They go by way too fast, we are already looking forward to next weekend, the boys just love their daddy being home all day! And so do I. :)

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