Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Just be

Some days I convince both boys to actually put clothes on, pack up their "pink purses", grab some snacks and we go do something fun. Like the zoo, children's museum, play dates, friend's houses, a day at Nana and Papa's, or hanging out with cousins.

And then, there are some days we don't have plans, we hang out around the house, building forts, baking goodies, reading books, cuddling up in blankets, playing 50,000 rounds of hide n seek, exploring, laughing and throwing a few good fits.

Yesterday was one of those days.

Little Ben-ben woke up unusually early from his nap, so we got to share some sweet moments just him and I.

I fed him some lunch, and he worked on his fork skills.

Then there are his chairs. He would rather stand on them then sit in his highchair like a normal little boy. If I am doing something in the kitchen, he pitter-patters over and asks stand up next to me. Sometimes he asks nicely......and then, sometimes not.

And then sometimes the problem isn't whether he can stand on them or not, but more because they aren't in the correct position, or as close as he would prefer.

Oh Bennett. Good thing the issue that had his diaper all up in a knot was easily remedied, and our sweet moments restored.

You should have seen the look on his face when big brother finally woke up. He went running like the wind to see him. Then they cuddled up together, laughing and telling secrets I'm sure.

And this is why some days I like to just be. So that we can seize these moments as they come. Had we had plans, I may have been too busy hustling them to get ready so we could make it out the door. But instead I got to sit and enjoy this.

Can you tell we have been doing a lot of "art" with markers lately? Turns out they aren't so washable when applied to the skin.... (Bennet may or may not have had some 'art' covering his back and arms....)

Cole, you're sweet. Even when I turn to see you "tattooing" your brother. Your hugs and kisses tell me your tattoos were meant with the best of intentions, perhaps?

Looking back week after week, it never fails, my most favorite moments are moments like these. They by far trump anything else. Because it is in these moments that I see the inner workings of their hearts the most, without distractions. There will always be plenty of opportunities to do more, to go more, but never will we be able to get back the moments to just "be".


  1. You have such a tender heart and soul, and I am confident that your family is daily blessed by your thoughtful reflections. I love this piece!

  2. Good reminder, Cay. And I love how you said Bennett woke up early from his nap so you got extra special time with him. When my kids wake up early I don't always have that perspective. :) I tend to the, "He can just stay there for a while so I can finish my quiet time," kind of thought process. I like yours better so I'm going to try that. Love you, friend, and love your heart for your family.

  3. Oh Anna, how I wish I could say that was always my mindset, but truthfully it's not. I think I was finally feeling like I had finally come out of the fog of the living dead, thanks to bennett giving me some much needed rest the night before, i had more energy to give. Thanks though for the kind thoughts though. :)